Do You Really Need to Outsource?

by Lizz S

Outsource Tasks from Cave Painting to MarketingCompanies have been outsourcing specialized tasks for as long as businesses have been around. Cave businesses probably outsourced their cave painting to Grog who had experience drawing bears. Today, just about any important task can be outsourced to expert writers, designers and other professionals who can take on these tasks without any training from you and without taking up the time of your regular staff. Hiring content writers to create well-written content to make a site look and feel more professional is now a common way to create a presence online, but there are plenty of other tasks that can be outsourced online to pros who will keep your business growing.

Social Media

Social media isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and most people don’t want it to. With its broad reach and addictive quality, it’s perfect for low-cost marketing. Instead of asking Vice President Carl to stop what he’s doing to run the company so that he can plan and send out tweets to potential customers, companies increasingly hire freelance writers to take care of it. It also makes good business sense to hire a content writer to keep the company’s Google+ and Facebook page updated and free from rude comments that should be deleted.


Marketing is the name of the game online. Even the best site ever written by humans won’t get any traffic if no one knows it exists. Keeping up consistent marketing can easily take over a business owner’s working hours, but it shouldn’t. Learning the best marketing methods for different types of sites, figuring out how to create each type of marketing content and keeping up with the latest online marketing trends is something that can’t be done by someone who already has a full roster of important tasks to take care of. Freelance writers for hire often offer these services along with other writing tasks. You may be able to bundle them together for an even better deal.


Public relations is similar to marketing, but there are PR tasks that don’t fall under the typical marketing umbrella. Writing and submitting press releases, for example, are specialized skills that many companies outsource to keep their PR costs down. Keeping a full-time PR expert on staff is pricey, but hiring a freelancer who is experienced in PR tasks doesn’t have to be. A freelance PR writer can get the word out about what you do and create the reputation you need to get the right attention.

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