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Do You Have a Frankenstein Content Strategy?

Slouching through the content graveyard, you just know your mad scheme will pay off – eventually.

An irregular blog posting schedule? Better than nothing. Let’s stitch on some boosted posts here and there, maybe a little content calendaring. What about some poorly filmed video assets? Ehh, add it to the operating table. Add a little makeup and a burst of lightening, then voila! You’ve created the perfect secondhand content strategy!

Some strategy is better than no strategy, right? Hope you’re ready for some brutal honesty. A piecemeal, Frankenstein content strategy isn’t just confusing and ineffective, it’s probably bad enough to scare away your leads.

Do you really think your audience cares about your last blog post in 2018? What about a video with messy sound quality and grainy resolution? A webpage without calls to action? Even if they do care, it won’t be for long. Content might be an important part of your marketing bubble, but coherency? Now that’s a winning strategy.

If you have a Frankenstein strategy, it’s all downhill from here unless you get something fixed, and fast. Before you get out the needles and duct tape, know the signs of a zombie content build to apply the picture-perfect ‘surgery.’

Diagnosis: Dead 

If you can’t tell if your content strategy is working or not, that’s a telltale clue that the actual strategy in your ‘strategy’ is next to none.

You might have a Frankenstein content strategy if:

  • Your company doesn’t use a content calendar.
  • You start and stop posting blogs for months or years at a time.
  • You rely on in-house social media posts and poor-quality images.
  • You have ten different social media accounts and only have two of them actively posting.
  • You lack a social media presence entirely.
  • Your company doesn’t allocate funding for content.
  • You have no documented target audience or target funnel.

If you meet one, several, or all of the above criteria, there’s no need to feel bad. After all, building a content strategy can be tricky and a difficult blueprint without lots of help. The important thing is to realize that your mismatched, Frankenstein strategy isn’t going to work. The solution might not be as quick as you like, but it will certainly improve your strategy – and your rankings.

Dr. Frankenstein at Your Service 

They call him Frankenstein’s monster for a reason. Dr. Frankenstein may have accidently created the creature, but it wasn’t his fault that the whole thing got so out of hand.

As the resident Frankenstein content physician, you’ll need to put your finger on the pulse of calamity and help your confused monster rest at last. Adjusting will take time and a lot of patience, so stick with your poor creation until you start to see some positive changes.


Unlike the legal process, performing a content audit won’t get anyone sent to jail. Probably.

List out all your assets and owned content. Blogs, pictures, videos, social media accounts, and anything else your business may uniquely own. Keeping a recorded Excel list of what you have will help you make educated decisions moving forward.


So now you know what you have. Brilliant! You’re starting to look a lot more cohesive.

Start by creating a content calendar if you don’t have one already. Fill in achievable areas that you know you can meet in a certain week, month, or quarter. One Facebook post a day and a new blog a week might be a great way to wean into the process.


Planning is great, but if you don’t promote your content, no one will ever get to see your masterpieces just waiting to be found. A recent study has proven that promoting your content can lead to a 300% increase in leads just by being shown to a wider audience. Convincing, no?

Just by auditing, planning, and executing your newfound strategy, you too can kick the content Frankenstein to the curb and achieve your company’s business goals.

Fear the Walking Dead? 

Frankenstein content strategies usually arise from busy companies with lots to do and not enough time to do it in. WriterAccess hosts a managed service detail for the company that needs quality strategy without spending the additional time it requires. With a full support team and thousands of writers to choose from, you can finally kick that sorry content corpse to the street and start working on a new strategy that delivers everything you need and more.


Meagan S. stays current with best SEO practices and keyword rankings, but most importantly realizes that the written word is made for people, not robots. Experience the personal touch that Meagan’s writing brings, with smooth-flowing and simply genuine prose that captures your vision perfectly. Meagan is no stranger to hard work. Maintaining a 4.0 GPA throughout college, she consistently provides value and excellence in her full year of writing professionally. She brings speed, consistency, and a researcher’s heart to every assignment given. She has high standards for herself and her craft, and prides herself on a strong work ethic.

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