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Ditch the PJs: Real World Odd Jobs for Freelance Writers

Find Seasonal Work at a Farmer's MarketThere are more opportunities than ever to earn income at home as a freelance writer, but what about supplemental jobs that actually get you out of the house? If you’re working as a freelancer and struggling with getting the content writing rates you crave, consider a part-time job as a way to gain new experiences, inspiration and a chance to balance out the solitary work of writing.

Seasonal Gigs

Come summertime, there are plenty of part-time jobs that last for just a few months. These jobs are perfect for the busy writer who wants to break up their routine, earn a more steady paycheck, and take advantage of their freelance flexibility to try out a different career path without the pressure of a long term commitment.

  • Summer Camp. Working at a day camp can be a great way to build teaching skills if you’re interested in pursuing a career in education, or simply want to expand the range of your experience with writing education related content. Many camps include arts based programming, so you could even swing a gig teaching creative writing to kids as a resident teaching artist. Quality camps tend to draw staff with a range of interesting skills and hobbies and you can learn a lot from your temporary colleagues about possible niche content topics, like camping, rock climbing, outdoor sports, teambuilding, and more. Browse the American Camping Association‘s site for job listings in your area.
  • Farms and Farmer’s Markets. If you’re looking to get some exercise, commune with nature, and get a little extra change in your pocket, seasonal farm work can be a fascinating departure for your desk-driven writing work, and can even give you inside insight into writing content on nutrition and agriculture. If physical labor isn’t your thing, try reaching out to vendors at your local farmer’s market and offer to work a table or two. These markets are a great place to meet people and get inspired to write about summer parties, fashion, and seasonal recipes.

Gallery Pal

Working at an art gallery can be a great source of part-time income and steady inspiration. Large museums are frequently looking for volunteers or docents to lead tours or help with large groups, and these free gigs can turn into part-time positions down the road. If you have already have retail or gallery experience, try contacting smaller, privately owned galleries to offer your services to assist with reception and retail. Working at a small gallery can give you plenty of quiet down time to work on your own writing in a beautiful, inspiring setting.


Service industry work isn’t easy or always rewarding, but you can learn powerful life lessons from observing human nature up close and thirsty! Finding part-time work at a cafe or low-key bar can also be a great opportunity to connect with fellow freelance writers in their natural environment: behind a steaming cup of coffee.

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