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Develop Your Spirituality through Writing

When starting out, freelancers are often advised to diversify and to specialize, two suggestions that would seem to be in opposition. While it is necessary to be flexible as a freelancer, finding a niche in which you can establish yourself as an expert will build your business and draw clients to you. Writers interested in spirituality can fulfill a “higher calling” while building their business at the same time.

Freelance spirituality copywriters don’t have to be ordained or have a degree in religious studies, but it helps to have a spiritual foundation. Blogging, volunteering and saying yes to all the opportunities that come your way are the top tips for kick starting a career as a spirituality writer.


Starting your own blog is one of the best ways to establish a platform. However, reading and commenting on other spirituality-related blogs is equally important. By following and contributing to other blogs, you can build your audience and create a network of potential clients. hosts dozens of blogs by writers from diverse spiritual perspectives and is a great place to connect with others who share your spiritual interests.


Volunteer to create and maintain a newsletter for your spiritual organization or write a press release or an article for their website – whatever you can do! Freelance spirituality copywriters need diverse skills and volunteerism is an easy way to develop yours. Through volunteerism, you’ll build your portfolio, your knowledge and your confidence as a spirituality writer.

Saying Yes

“Product sells product” is a popular saying in the publishing world, and the same is true for the freelance writer. If you’re just getting established, say yes to that low-paying job because it may lead to better opportunities. Say yes to the client who has a different spiritual point of view than you do (assuming it doesn’t compromise your morals), it will build your network. Look for gigs on freelance writing sites, Craigslist and the church bulletin board, and say yes to every paying job you can find.

When writing about morality, spirituality and higher knowledge, it’s especially important to conduct yourself as a professional. Even the Bureau of Labor Statistics recognizes that writers “advance by building a reputation,” and that’s especially true when you’re establishing yourself as a niche expert. Through blogging, volunteering, saying yes and conducting yourself professionally, you’ll soon be saying goodbye to those mundane writing jobs, and succeeding as a spirituality writer.

Tammie B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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