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Develop Your Skill as a Non Profit Writer

Freelance writing is no easy business. To achieve success, you must be determined. One of the best ways to increase your influence as a freelancer is to choose specific industries as focal points. If you have substantial experience with non profit organizations, for example, you may choose to focus your writing career on the non profit industry. However, you can’t become a star in this niche overnight. Below are some tips to help you compete with the veterans.

Create a Portfolio

Freelance non profit writers can benefit greatly from building a strong portfolio of their work. Non profit organizations often have limited funds available for content production, and they want to know that the writer they choose can deliver the desired result. By showcasing your best writing samples for potential clients, you can increase your chances of landing jobs.

Remember Your Audience

Non profit organizations don’t operate like businesses. They exist to promote a specific cause or intangible goal, not to earn a profit. Always keep this specific niche in mind when you write. For example, when you develop website content, you should write to an audience of organization members and intrigued philanthropists.

Never Stop Learning

Because non profit organizations operate in the business world, the non profit industry changes continuously. To write knowledgeably about non profit issues or regulations, you must keep yourself up-to-date on industry news. To stay in the know, consider frequenting industry-specific news websites, such as The Non Profit Times. You can also find plenty of information in the non profit news columns of popular newspapers, such as the New York Times.

Reach Out

The freelance writing industry is extremely competitive. Even if you are a non profit expert with impeccable writing skills, you won’t get any jobs if you don’t actively search for them. Spend some time each day looking for new clients and following up on previous leads.

Breaking into the non profit niche isn’t easy, but with the right amount of dedication and skill, it is possible. Follow these tips, be persistent and you will find jobs. Above all, always remember that your reputation precedes you, so never offer a client less than your best work.

Amanda M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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