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Deliver the Right Pitch to Get More Freelancing Work than You Can Handle

How to Write a PitchCreating a great pitch can get you more writing work than you can handle. Freelance writers spend a great deal of time looking for gigs. Searching for work steals time away from the real business of writing content – your wallet is begging you to create an effective pitch that gets you noticed by those hiring writers. Delivering the right pitch is not easy but it is simple.

A pitch should say two things: what your idea is and why you are the best person to write it. The pitch should be short, interesting, and easy to read. You can create a captivating pitch in just a few easy steps.

Winding Up for the Pitch

Read the casting call or ad carefully – it contains all the clues you need to land the job. If the ad calls for extensive research, for example, your pitch should include at least one fact and hyperlink it to its source. When the client wants the article have an upbeat feeling, use cheerful words in your pitch. Engineer your pitch to match the casting call.

Write all pitches in a Word document or other program with spelling and grammar correction to reduce embarrassing grammatical errors. Copy important words and phrases from the casting call and paste them into the document. This will keep you focused on the client’s wishes. Incorporate the client’s own words into your pitch so you can mimic his voice. A great pitch gives the sense that you and the client are on the same page.

Research the topic. Perform a quick Google search; look for news or product breakthroughs that the client may find interesting. As you research, ask yourself if you already know enough about the product to write about it quickly and thoroughly.

Pitch the Idea

Write a new pitch for each job. Form letters might work well for plumbers and lawyers, but people expect more from professional writers.

Use a strong lede. For best result, use the same lede you intend on using in the article. “This widget will change the way you think about imaginary products.”

Add in a line about why you are the best writer for the job. A good line is, “My 10 years experience writing about widgets gives me special insight into the making of these products and who buys them.” Many content marketing websites keep track of writer statistics. If you are the #1 widget writer at the website, be sure to tell the client.

Keep it short. Marketers rely on “elevator pitches” to persuade a client in less time than it takes an elevator to go up one floor. They know that if a client does not like a pitch within the first few seconds, she is never going to buy it. Try to keep a pitch under five sentences – the client will contact you if she wants to hear more.

Before you click send, make sure the pitch looks and sounds professionals. Read your pitch aloud to make sure it flows smoothly and is free from errors. Add in white spaces between paragraphs when necessary to make it easier to read.

Develop a fast and easy pitch writing process then prepare for more work than you can handle. Learn how to create great pitches and start making big money today.

Lynn H is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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