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Deep-Seated or Deep-Seeded? Which is the Way to Write

Sometimes there is a turn of phrase that twists itself on your tongue. You aren’t quite sure which way it’s really spelled but it sounds the same however you say it. But when it comes to writing it, well, that’s where you want to get it right. Check out the deeply seated metaphor that is often mixed up with deep-seeded.

About a Deep-Seated Metaphor

Let’s get it right, right off the bat, shall we? Deep-seated is a metaphor that means you are deep in the seat. As in your behind is well rooted and you aren’t going anywhere. Have you ever spent a summer floating down a river in an intertube? If “Yes” is your answer, then you are well acquainted with getting yourself deep-seated as you’ve likely deep-seated yourself in this situation.

The original definition of deep-seated from 1741 gives more cadence to the meaning. Want to know other words that were first used in print in 1741? You can, thanks to the Time Traveler at Merriam-Webster:

  • Groundhog
  • Blues
  • Bandanna
  • Animalize
  • Call of nature
  • Great year

Yes, that’s right. In 1741, it was the first time people decided to print in the media that it was, yes indeed, in fact, a Great Year.

Back to deep-seated, defined as “situated far below the surface,” this word has some super interesting synonyms. Follow me, won’t you?

Down a Deep-Seated Rabbit Hole

Bred-in-the-bone refers to deep-rooted honesty, as well as an inveterate. An inveterate is something “firmly established by long persistence” as in “habitual.” As a writer, you want to develop an inveterate writing practice that is bred-in-the-bone. Where does deep-seated fit into that description of a web content writer?

Choose to be deep-seated so that your inspiration comes from far below the surface of your subconsciousness. Deep-seated ideas are situated deep down beneath where normal topics and research is developed.

Boost Your Web Content Writing Skills

Another way you can get deep-seated with your web content writing skills is to learn about things like whitespace and how content marketing is evolving. Here at WriterAccess, we have a ton of writers with plenty of tools and resources to help educate and inform you in content writing. Start your career as a web content writer today.


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