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Dear Potential Customer, Be Mine

Valentine's Day MarketingAs you work to attract potential customers to your business, have you ever stopped to consider what type of wooer you are? We’d like to offer some Valentine’s Day marketing tips; your customers certainly notice your approach, and they aren’t falling for these common advertising flaws:

Ready to Settle and Not Getting Any Younger

Dear Whoever-is-Reading-This,

I know you will love me, since I will do anything for you. Your life will be better because of me. I can make you happy, I promise. Just give me a chance. One more date and you will see it! Okay, if I don’t hear back from you, I will write tomorrow.

Love and XOXOXO,

Your Faithful Admirer

So, your business is looking to grow—who’s isn’t? By over-selling yourself (and your wonderful products), you end up looking frantic and pathetic. Browsers are looking for quality, customer-based services, but any company that looks like it’s practically ready to pay the customers is actually going to scare customers away. Clearly, if you’re this desperate something is wrong with you or what you offer.


My Dear,

I know you are interested in me, so I will see how this thing works out between us. I fully expect you to pick me up this evening and take me to a five-star dining establishment. Don’t be late.

Au Revoir

You know the high-end luxury brands you want to imitate? Well, until you are a well-established business, you can’t afford to be snobby in your approach. It’s supply and demand, you know? As in: your supply stays with you if there is no demand for it. You cannot take a lofty approach until there is a seriously high demand for what you offer.

The Original Unoriginal

Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

You’re awfully sweet,

And I love you.

Repetitive language and boring content will do nothing to make you stand apart from the crowd. Your company will get lost in the shuffle when you choose to use descriptions from your supplier or generic, filler content. This approach appears cheap; you didn’t do the work and it’s painfully obvious.

Public Figure


Ah, the attention seeker. Who enjoys being screamed at when they are looking for something to snatch their attention and peak their interest? And yet, that is exactly what so many companies do in their marketing approach. The goal seems to be: make everything look like an expiring sale, deal or can’t-miss product; you will stand apart from the crowd and the customer will come. Maybe. But maybe the customer will feel themselves being aggressively manipulated and run the other way.

Soliciting the Professional

When you are looking for the perfect pitch for your target audience, consider content writers for hire. You can find ghost authors to revise your website copy, write articles, create blog posts or provide any other form of content you need for your business. Don’t frighten your customers off with a sub-standard approach—seize the moment and let your audience see the true passion your company offers.

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