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Dazzle Your Clients in the Gig Economy: What Sets You Apart?

Imagine your day beginning with meditation in your pajamas, sipping a cup of joe, playing with your dog, and you haven’t even opened your laptop yet. It’s the wee hours of the morning and the day belongs to you. You’re the boss. You hold the reins on where you go, what you offer as a service, and the managing of your hard-earned income.

Welcome to the the gig economy. No longer simply a side business, it’s now considered a thrive business. LinkedIn recently posted an article about the gig economy and how to navigate it in today’s employment. The trick is to find your passion and pursue it as if it’s your sole employment.

Gigs require diligence, patience, perseverance, getting rejected, getting praised, being poor at times, being on top of the world at other times, and genuinely connecting with those clients who’ve formed your roster of networking. Side gigs are now becoming mainstream sources of a reliable investment. If you’re a social butterfly and enjoy interacting with the public, the gig economy is for you. Otherwise, it may take some molding and shaping–and possibly, therapy–to determine which course of action suits your heart best.

Let’s take writing, for example. Your sincerest intention is to become a topnotch writer in either the content or copywriter field. If employers aren’t keen to hire you right off the bat, make a side writing gig your sole money earner. Freelancing can be a strange beast at times. On the one hand, you have the education, the experience, and a stellar portfolio. On the other hand, not a single query is met with acceptance. What’s the deal?

Time to Polish Up Your Skills

You’ve been at your secure W-2 job for far too long and you’re ready to take the plunge into the gig economy. How to get from point A to point B begins with a dose of humility. Even if you believe you’re the prime candidate for every freelance job or side gig that comes down the pipe, the truth is–and what sets you apart from the rest–is raw skill. Are you good enough at your passion to turn it into a true blue, income-earning position? Time to find out:

1. Be relevant – Everybody who has a hobby or an interest CAN turn it into a noteworthy side gig that becomes a main gig. The key is to do your research, find out what’s trendy and who’s doing what, then set yourself apart by being even more relevant. 

2. Become an influencer on social media 
– Are you one of those storytellers, poets, adventurers, spiritual gurus, or humanitarians who can command a following? If so, and your numbers on social media increase day by day, consider yourself an influencer. These folks know how to push the right buttons and they do it well. Their gigs are a success as a result.

3. Rework your portfolio or website  – Is your resume tired and dead? Do you strive to channel your message more via a classy website or a professional portfolio? Either online medium or in print, a high quality portfolio and resume will set your apart. Hire an experienced graphic designer, or a certified resume writer, or someone in your chosen field of making YOU stand out and shine. This is a big plus in the gig economy.

4. Establish a budget  – I know, I know, money oftentimes gets back burnered when you’re in the throes of creating your side gig, aka. alternative lifestyle. However, there’s no top of the gig mountain unless you’ve been in the trenches of financial freedom. Before you begin thinking about how to launch your sensational gig, create a budget. If that’s not your thing, hire a financial planner to help with how much of an investment your gig will cost up front, and how much do you propose to make annually, year after year. If you’re aware of your financial goals, the next steps are that much easier to manage.

Be Unique

If you’re new to the gig economy and feel as though it’s a bit daunting from the onset, have no fear. Talk to others who’ve been down the side gig road, and learn how they cruised from a nine-to-five job to a more make-your-own-rules-and-hours type job. Once your skills are mastered, consider yourself ready.

No amount of work in the gig economy will suffice unless you’ve crested into uniqueness. Dazzle your clients! Dazzle your friends and spread the word! Talk to your family members about your new position as a gigger. Pound the pavement with business cards, flyers, a positive attitude, and be poised to enter the gig economy in style. 

You can do it! Be yourself. Be knowledgeable with your craft, and don’t give up! If you’re ready to get to writing, apply to WriterAccess right away!



Gerry Ellen A has been writing professionally since 1995. Her achievements include being a columnist for a prominent magazine called elephant journal, authoring three published books available on Amazon, contributing content to numerous online publications, blogging for the healthcare industry, and freelancing for clients in digital marketing. As an expert copywriter, Gerry Ellen is proficient in white pages, email campaigns, press releases, blogs, all website content, templates, and client consultations.

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