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Daily Habits of Professional Content Writers

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Being a professional content writer is not easy. There are specific things you must do in order to be successful in the daily grind of writing content for your daily wage. Below are some of the daily habits that professional content writers must adopt if they want to truly be successful and make a living in this competitive but ultimately freeing industry.

Write Consistently Throughout Each Day

While every writer has times where they are more productive than others, professional content writers need to get into the habit of writing for a few hours throughout each day. This means a few hours in the morning, a few hours in the middle of the day and a few hours at the end of the day or in the evening. When this specifically is will vary on a daily basis as you will be trying to merge the work schedule with the freelance schedule—but there needs to be a consistent few blocks per day to get your necessary assignments done, so you can accept more and up your earnings.

Always be Looking For New Assignments

Part of success in the professional content writing business is writing great pieces and pleasing your editors and clients; another part is just landing the jobs in the first place. While this is not writing and could arguably be a distraction from your writing, finding places to obtain the work is arguably as important as the actual work you submit. So professional content writers will regularly be checking in with editors and client contacts who have offered them work in the past, as well as checking the content websites on a daily — if not hourly — basis to accept as many assignments as they possibly can.

Schedule Your Deadlines Accordingly

When you have multiple clients you are writing content for, deadlines will come in rapid fire succession at times, which can make certain days incredibly busy and cause even the best content writers to have minor panic attacks. So another daily ritual of a content writer is to plan out when each assignment is due and plan accordingly. This way no deadline is missed and enough time is allowed for each assignment to be done to the best of the content writer’s ability. Scheduling improperly can lead to hurried, disappointing work as well as missed deadlines, which will lead to a loss of clients and, subsequently, a loss of income.

Take Breaks

Don’t get burnt out, especially when you are a busy content writer and have a lot of clients who want to work with you. Take breaks between blocks, do something else, unclutter your mind of all the assignments you have been working on. It will pay off in the rest of your work and make you even more successful in the long run.

Eli K  has been a professional content writer for nearly a decade and has written just about everything for just about very type of client.

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