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Dada Dada Dadaism, Have You Any Humor?

If you don’t read this right this second, I, the Big, Bad Wolf, or so I’ve been called, will be upset. That’s right, upset. Sure, I’ve been taking Anger Management classes.

So you’ve heard.

Oh, court-ordered, of course. But that’s because I don’t have an anger issue. I just get hungry sometimes. We all have to eat.

You eat. Does everyone accuse you of being the Big, Bad Writer?

No, I’m sure they don’t, they just pay you for your words and you go to the grocery store and buy your delicious, bloody, red tomatoes and go home and no harm, no fowl. As for me? Well, I don’t get off that lucky.

But where was I? Oh yes, that’s right.

The concept of absurdism or Dadaism and how it relates to irony as a writer.

Dada for Content Writing

As a writer, you want to employ this idea of the absurd where nothing means anything more than exactly what it is, right? Well, guess what?

It’s impossible. You can’t do it.

But, I mean, what do I know. I just studied Mass Media Communications and English back in my pup days, which weren’t that long ago. Dog years and all.

So I’m up on the web content game, and I know what Dadaism is, and I’m telling you, it’s not your grandma’s cuppa.

Speaking of grandmas, you wouldn’t happen to have one of those rocking around somewhere, would you?

I just love old people, especially old ladies, they just smell so…so…so…..sweet.

Back to the Dadas

Right, focused! The irony and dadaism. Do you really want to know what this is all about?

You can tell me, your friendly, neighborly wolf. Just slide over here a little closer and let me hear you better.

Whoa! OK, OK, I’ll back off, yeesh.

I don’t bite. I promise! I truly don’t. If you could ask—not that you would—but if you could, you would know. I do not bite.

Backing off, backing off.

But honestly, the whole idea of writing with the humor of the Dada movement from the World War I era goes back to irony. Like, for instance, it’s ironic you are here wanting to improve as a content writer and learning about things like Dada.

Because let’s be honest. You aren’t going to get it. It’s over your head, out of your wheelhouse, not in your toolbox.

Finding Your Dada Writer

Who can you get to help you learn more about using Dadaism concepts in your writing? Well, you’re looking at him! I’ll give you all the information you need when you choose me to be your content writer.

Let me write the content for you. Then you never have to define Dadaism, and this whole absurd circus will stop. You get your Dada-fied content and I get, well, what can you pay me in return? Let’s see. How about a bit to eat?

I know a place, just around the corner, run by this sweet little girl named Red. You’ve probably heard of her, you know, as in Little Red?

That’s right, she’s working for me now. She didn’t have anywhere to go when I ate her granny, so I put her to work because—yes, that’s what really happened and guess what’s about to happ—

Hire a Truly Humorous Content Writer

We interrupt this special guest article with the Big, ahem one moment.

(Really? He is actually still calling himself that? Come on!)

The Big, Bad Wolf had to leave unexpectedly. He came on board as a guest hoping to clear his name, which, evidently didn’t—any who!

Moving forward, we don’t hire wolves of any kind as freelance content writers here at WriterAccess. But we do have thousands of actual live human writers with plenty of absurdism and ironic dadaism in their actual toolboxes. When you’re ready to let me hear you a little better, scoot closer and contact WriterAccess to find your funniest content writers today!

Miranda B has worked for a leading truck driver job recruiting firm as a web content writer. She has written more than 500,000 words for various truck driving job recruitment sites. Miranda works closely with the client’s publishing team with weekly conference calls in order to produce sticky and knowledge-rich content for their sites.

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