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Creative Content Marketing: Making Your Customer the Hero of Your “Story”

Create a Scene in which Your Customer Is the HeroWhen it comes to business, we’ve all heard the tried and true adages “the customer is always right” and “the customer is king.” Prosperous enterprises have been honoring those mantras since the first cobbler resoled a shoe and the first “pharmacist” sold a bottle of elixir. I propose that an even more effective spin on consumer friendly relations is to make your customer the hero of your “story.”

A successful content marketing campaign for your SMB should, in effect, make your business an adventure and your customer the hero of that adventure! Whether you sell a product or provide a service, each and every one of your patrons should be the “main character” in your business scenario and drive the action (aka “sales!”) of the plot. As you develop and execute a marketing strategy, commission designers, and hire copywriters, keep your messaging and branding on point with this concept.

So as the captain of your ship, how do you this? Remember, you want to make your business an adventure for your customer. And what is an adventure? It’s exciting. Your website, your advertising, your presence on social media, in short, all of your marketing content, should put excitement into using your product or service!

As the brainchild of your business, you are passionate about it. It is equally important that your marketing team, whether it’s comprised of 2 or 22, be just as passionate about your wares. You want to produce savvy, consumer friendly marketing that picks up your target, drops them slap dab into the journey that is using your product, and never lets up. This kind of branding isn’t done by lethargic, uninterested people. Make sure you hire designers and writers who are highly creative, knowledgeable, and “excited” about your business.

Here are some tips on creating content marketing that makes your customer feel “heroic:”

  • Address the customer’s need head-on and enthusiastically promise to fill it.
  • Create customer expectations, and then go above those expectations with your product or service.
  • Brand your product or service in a singular, charismatic way that makes it unique among the competition.
  • Make your customers feel special and unique by the fact that they use your product.
  • Spice things up with special offers and promotions.
  • Always target both prospects and repeat customers with your marketing strategy.

In short, convince your customer that taking the journey from prospect to customer to repeat buyer will be a satisfying, rewarding, and empowering experience. And you’ll be more than successful in the process!

Michael V is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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