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Creative advertisementsAs a business owner, utilizing the right tactics to increase visibility and drive sales can be challenging. With technology being such a huge part of the marketing dynamic, selecting the right strategy on how to advertise your business takes time and patience. Here are some great ideas that can help you on a local and national level:

  • Make a Mural

Getting a local artist to make a mural of your business and logo is not only creative, but it funnels dollars back into the community. This idea has a two-fold advantage. Your business will gain awareness, and a local artist will be able to get credit for their work.

  • Be a Sponsor

You can sponsor a local group or business that will make an impact. Having your logo on the back window of a rentable smart car, or on the carts at the mall will bring instant visibility to your organization while you can focus on other areas of advertising.

  • Start a Contest

If you’re using digital and social media, this is a great way to gain followers and increase your social standing. There are a number of contests you can implement that will get people engaged and having fun.

  • Wrap your Car

Even if you don’t have much money, you can still advertise your business in a major way. There’s nothing better than riding around town with your company front and center. A car or truck wrap will bring visibility and can be customized to have all the information you want the public to know.

  • LinkedIn

Publishing content on LinkedIn can bring awareness to your business and position you as a leader among business professionals. When you provide thought-provoking content, people take notice. This will have them searching for more information, which leads them to your site and business entity.

  • Local Partnerships

Partnering with a local ice cream, sandwich or coffee shop to create your own item on the menu will get people talking and wondering who you are. Offering discounts for people who mention your item as an incentive builds brand personality and loyalty.

These are just a few creative ways on how to advertise your business, increase visibility and build your brand. Creative advertising can help you quickly gather a following that will be waiting to see what you do next. Once you have started to grow your audience, you can implement other parts of your strategic plan to make an overall impact for longevity and success.

allaire w writerWriter Bio: Allaire W is a professional writer with a love for the written word and a sweet tooth that turned a hobby into a business. You can find her “cooking” up assignments while covered in cake batter.

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