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Creating Your Own Unique Voice

Writers may not consider all of the opportunities they have to practice and strengthen their writing style and improve their voice. Just like musicians must practice their music—writers must practice their writing.  Even if you do not have a current assignment or article writing job, you can find many different types of writing prompts online to practice or you can write about a topic that you came across during the day. Professional writers are in high demand. Make sure you meet the requirements and create a place for yourself in the online writing world. It doesn’t really matter what type of subjects you write about as long as you write on a regular schedule.

Vocabulary Matters
Depending on your purpose and audience you will want to make sure your vocabulary is appropriate. “Girl—you are looking a hot mess today!” If you are writing to a young hip target group think about using relevant slang and phrases that are current for today. If you are writing an article for business professionals, you will want to make sure your vocabulary is business savvy and formal. No matter whom you are writing for, make sure you stick to what you are comfortable with. Do not try to impress a client with SAT vocabulary if you do not know how to use it correctly. Telling your boss he has a capacious head for business may not get the response you are looking for. Writing is a lot more fun if you think about it as a conversation you are having with a friend.

What Makes You Unique
When trying to establish yourself as a freelance writer, the key is to identify yourself in a specific niche. If you have a passion for scrapbooking, video games, or nontraditional pets, writing about these topics will give you an edge. If you have extensive experience in a certain area like financial planning, condo insurance, or investments you may be able to find more long term assignments for these topics. It will be easier for you as a writer to complete articles about topics you are familiar with. If the most you understand about cars is where to fill the gas tank and how beautiful the iridescent purple looks in the sun, you may not want to take on a 20 page assignment about the mechanical parts of an automobile.

Writing is an art form and great writers will be able to stand out in the sea of printed media. Creative writing careers are becoming more prevalent as more freelance writers are choosing to work from home and save money on the daily commute. Whether you enjoy humor, sarcasm or strictly formal writing—the more you practice the better you will become. Since you can get paid for your writing skills, creating a unique style will help you find more jobs. Take some time every day to think about your writing and how you can tweak it to build your own creative voice and style.

Rebecca B is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments. WriterAccess is powered by ideaLaunch.

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