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Creating Your Freelance Writing Website

Desk2Advertising your writing business is time consuming if you merely use forums and ad posting sites. However, you can create a permanent ad by creating your own website, where you can sell yourself as a freelance writer for hire. Once you decide to make a website, you should make it as good as possible.

1. Landing Page

Make a landing page on your site that acts as a destination with a call to action. The landing page can be where a person has the ability to buy your ebook, hire you as a freelance writer for hire or sign up for your newsletter.

2. Contact Page

You need to make it easy for your potential customers to be able to contact you. There should be a heading at the top of the page where they can get a hold of you. Make sure you don’t ask them to email you or call you because that’s extra work that might not be worth the time for them. The easier of a time they have getting in touch with you, the better.

3.  About You

Make sure you put everything people will want to know about and will ask about on your site. For instance, make sure you include your educational background. You’ll want to include how many years experience you have and who your clients are/were. People want to know what kind of writing you do since not every writer excels at press releases or knows how to craft a white paper. If you’re a niche writer, make sure you include any credentials that makes you qualified to write about that niche. Don’t write too much personal information about you being a parent or a dancer unless you’re trying to market yourself as a writer in those fields.

4. Samples

Save yourself the hassle of clients requesting samples and just post them. Make sure you feature links to various types of work if you’re trying to market yourself as a general writer and not a niche writer. Links are best, so prospective clients can see where the piece was published. However, if you choose to copy and paste, make sure you add where the piece was published.

5. Don’t Oversell Yourself 

A client won’t be impressed if you keep mentioning what a great writer you are and don’t back it up. Highlight what you can do as a writer, but don’t try too hard. Wow them with your writing samples and by responding to them promptly and showcasing everything you got once you get the job.

6. Make the Site Yours

Give your website some pizzazz. There should be a color scheme that’s easy to read. Post a picture of yourself that looks professional.  Remember, nothing too busy or flashy. You want a professional look to the entire site.

Christine D is a freelance writer available for projects at WriterAccess.

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