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Creating Irresistibly Addictive Content Your Audience Will Love

addictive content

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established business owner or just launching your freelancing career. Offering topnotch content that will keep your audience coming back again and again (and again and again and again and again) must become your superpower. Well, at least one of your superpowers. Let’s get down to the business of honing them!

They Just Can’t…Quit…Reading…Your Content!

The format of your content might be articles on your site, newsletters, videos, Facebook videos, Pinterest posts, or just about any other venue available to your audience online, which gives you the flexibility to hone in on what is best for you. However, if your content isn’t addictively engaging, then you’ll most likely be wasting precious hours creating work that doesn’t result in a consistent audience turning into customers.
Thankfully, creating engaging content is easy to do. Following are some simple tips for making your audience crave what you have to tell them.

Teach Them Something Revolutionary About Themselves

As crazy and self-centered as it sounds, we all want to learn something new about ourselves that will help us achieve our goals and dreams more quickly and more cheaply. (After all, you’re reading this, right?) Get to know your audience well and write an article or create a video that’s going to teach them something they need to learn about themselves. Articles that do this masterfully are those, “What Picture You See First Tells You What Your Deepest Fear Is,” pieces that compel us to click on them as if by an unseen force.

This method doesn’t only work for entertainment pieces; it’s useful for any niche. Some other examples of teaching your audience something revolutionary about themselves might be: This Habit Tells You What Kind of Investor You Are, Learn Now What Body Type You Have and the Only Workout You’ll Ever Need, and This Trait Determines What Kind of Lover You Are. How’s Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Effective Content Writer sound?

Inform Your Audience How Current News and Events Dramatically Affect Them

Weaving the latest news and events into your content will guarantee that your information will be relevant and substantially increase your chances of higher click-through rates and views. Not only will your material be fresh and significant for them but there will be very little competing content available about it out of the gate, increasing your odds of getting more eyes on what you have to say.

There are endless possibilities, but a few examples are: How the Upcoming Eclipse Season Affects Your Zodiac Sign, Bitcoin Is Not Done Climbing Yet and Why You Need To Invest Now, Why Trump’s New Immigration Policy Is a Nightmare For Your Business and What You Can Do About It.

Search for the latest news on any topic with some free online tools and incorporate it into your most recent content to generate the maximum interest.

Predict the Future and What Your Audience Must Do About It Now

Inform your audience of any immediate changes or events that will most likely affect them and be the first to help them with the potential resulting problem.

For example, a few months ago you most likely saw these letters over and over: G D P R. There was probably even a time when those letters meant nothing to you. But by May 25th, 2018 every single person with an email address knew about the General Data Protection Regulation and nearly every website owner was scrambling to figure out what they had to do to make their website compliant and avoid fines.

Just imagine how much traffic you would have gotten if on May 24th you had emailed an article or went live on Facebook with content entitled, “Three Changes You Must Make On Your Site Now To Be Compliant With GDPR Monday Morning?”

And this trick isn’t only limited to impending changes in policies and law. Your audience might need to know about an upcoming corporate buyout that could affect them, or a new dating app that’s a game changer, the latest styles in yoga wear, the next releases on Netflix to binge watch, or how to navigate the coming Mercury retrograde successfully.

If it’s headed their way, you already know about it. And you’ve got their back.

Show Your Audience How To DIY

There’s nothing more irresistible than learning how to do something incredibly valuable for free. Even though you do ultimately want your audience to hire you or purchase your products, when they initially type their problem into the search engine to find an answer – they want that answer to be quick, and they want it to be free.

So you need to be the hero with the ultimate solution that starts them on the path to their dreams and connect with you as their mentor. Whether it’s home design hacks on Pinterest, a step-by-step website building guide, or a vegan “steak” recipe that will make carnivores drool – this is your opportunity to become their teacher by helping them understand that they don’t need you and can do it on their own.

And who do you think they’re going to call when they get stuck or need your expertise and want to pay money for it? You so got this, rockstar.

With these four tricks and just a tiny bit of creativity, you will transform your merely informative content into fantastically engaging, even addictive, material that will keep your audience coming back for more. If you regularly release content using these tips, get ready to be the go-to expert in your niche. An expert whose content they just can’t…stop…consuming!


Dina R is a writer, life coach, and yoga instructor with 10+ years experience writing online business, article, and newsletter content. Articles have been syndicated and featured on MSN Lifestyle. Niche specializations and experience in dating, relationships, yoga, fitness, and healthy living.

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