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Creating Content with New Direction: 3 Routes to Take

187137642Grabbing the attention of every reader who scans your website is not as easy peasy lemon squeezy as passing out free lollipops to virtual visitors. You’ve got to get the readers to your site to begin with, and this takes some finesse. Figuring out what to post and when requires the undertaking of an editorial calendar that preps you for managing content for the masses. Tuck these three small business marketing tips into your web content toolkit and use them liberally for best results.

Current Events

Make waves of content crash into readers by showcasing current events whenever possible. Weave current news stories and headlines into your content to create connections and SEO rich verbiage. The magic formula for making this work is to avoid arbitrarily tossing in current events. You should use current events, such as hot topics in the local news, when they apply to a blog post or article you are creating for your business. Avoid the tacky method of reporting news simply for the shock and awe of the headline; that will attract the wrong type of crowd. Remember: Content must be user-centric, educational and informative. Also, local current events hold the strongest impression.

Upcoming Holidays

Magazines do this oh so well. Whenever there is an upcoming Christmas, Halloween or Easter you will notice how the color schemes, headlines and content of magazines reflect the mood and invoke the spirit of the season. Take heed of this. You should apply the very same holi-rrific theme to your web content. Switch up your header, or update your color scheme. Give your logo a holiday inspired makeover. Then, move into the realm of your web content. Here are some tips for making content holla “Holiday”:

  • Offer special promotions on the holiday
  • Include holiday-centric gift ideas related to gifting your product or services
  • Provide viewers with holiday party or craft ideas, while connecting to your business
  • Feature listings of local holiday events to your brick-and-mortar location or service area/region

Once again, keep it relevant to your business. After all, you don’t want your website to look like it’s trying too hard.

Trendy Topics

It’s time to start reveling in all things pop culture as you track trends for your website needs. Whether you want to focus on viral videos and Internet memes, or you want to keep things local and key into what’s trending on a local level, trends are your best friends.

Take the latest trends, as you will find at Google Trends, and play with them like a new puppy. Whip out web content, such as “Ways to Prevent Your New Car Purchase from Being as Scary as Ebola” to “Protect Your Family’s Assets with Flu Prevention Tips,” to intertwine top trends into your web content. By feeding your viewers edifying content you stand to capitalize on trends for SEO purposes, while maintaining the notion that Content is King. A tip here, steer clear of controversial trends. You don’t want to be on the losing side of that war when it is bound to happen.

Miranda B takes content to the next level with editorial calendars and the like that help in organizing and planning content delivery.

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