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Creating a Workspace That Works for You

As tempting as it can be to do all your writing from the couch, the bed or a hammock simply because you can, you’ll be much more productive if you maintain a space at home that’s solely dedicated to writing and providing content services. Whether you’re just starting to arrange your home office or you’re revamping your existing workspace, here are a few tips for designing a space that will help you stay happy and focused while you work.

Try a Little Feng Shui

If you’re looking to increase the positive energy in your workspace, avoid the common mistake of arranging your desk so that you’re staring at a wall all day. Instead, place your desk in the Feng Shui command position. When you sit make sure that your back is against a wall and that you’re facing the wall with the doorway, while not being directly in line with the door. You should be able to see everything in the room, which in turn will make you feel more secure and comfortable as you write.


Without a boss looking over your shoulder, it’s easy to let your desk become a landing spot for everything from utility bills to your cat’s dental records. Take stock of what’s currently on your desk and eliminate everything that you don’t use on a daily basis or that isn’t directly related to your work. Put your mail in the living room, your grocery list in the kitchen and your nail file in the bathroom – and keep them there! After you’ve cleared away everything you don’t need, schedule a decluttering session on a weekly or biweekly basis. Think of it as a mandatory personal office meeting. Your desktop will thank you.

Go Green

Take advantage of one of the most common enhancements that traditional offices use and add a plant (or two, or three!) to your workspace. Not only does the color green promote inspiration, but taking an occasional break to exercise your green thumb is one of the best stress-reducing methods around.

While you keep all of these practical tips in mind, don’t forget the most important aspect of designing your home office – making it your own. You have the power to hang fluorescent wall art, showcase your offbeat sense of humor on a hand-painted coffee mug, and make every day “Take Your Dog (or Cat) to Work Day.” So give yourself the best chance at long-term success and happiness and create a home workspace that marries your unique personality with thoughtful efficiency.

Anne N is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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