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Create the Ultimate Brainstorming Session or Getaway for Your Content Strategy Team

team building

Mention the words “team building exercises” and it’s likely your team will groan. If not outwardly, they are certainly groaning on the inside. So how do you come up with an exciting brainstorming session for your content strategy team? The goal here is to think outside the box. Get them out of the comfort zone of your office space. Inspire through fun.

We all know that it’s hard to come up with new content strategy ideas all the time. Sometimes you fall into the boring pattern of using the same ideas over and over again without much success. It’s one of the biggest problems in content marketing strategy for any brand. That’s why having a group getaway or event somewhere away from work might get your team’s creative juices flowing. This is also a chance if you have freelancers who work for you remotely to bring them in to interact with your team in person.


For Adventurous Teams up for Anything 

If you have a team of content marketers who are up for anything, then you might want to choose something that will get everyone’s heart pumping. When you do something adventurous with a group of people, it’s naturally going to inspire camaraderie among your team. They will work better together and be able to bounce ideas off each other in a more natural way.

Let’s do this!

Ziplining: Soaring high above the trees through a ziplining course out in nature will surely be an activity that your team will remember. Fresh air, beautiful views of a national park, and the intense thrill of flying through the air are just a few takeaways from a ziplining adventure.

Skydiving: Your team has to really be game for anything to want to tandem skydive, but many people who have done it, especially in a group setting, have memories that bond them together in a very cool way. It’s definitely something unforgettable to do.

Laser Tag: Get your competitive spirit going with a rousing game of laser tag or even some old school paintball.


It’s All Fun and Games to Enjoy with Friendly Competition

Dividing your team up into two different competing groups, can create some friendly rivalries. Make sure you have some incentives or prizes for the winners. People always like to win stuff. It just makes the competition a little more exciting for everyone.

Game on!

Top Golf: Take your team to a Top Golf. These are golf themed entertainment venues that do special meetings for different companies and brands all around the US. This is obviously going to be a ton of fun for golf lovers, but everyone will have a great time.

Arcade Day: There are many different arcades around or pinball places that will inspire some fun energy. If you can find one that offers old-school ’80s video games, like Pac Man, Space Invaders, or Frogger, even better.

Bowling: Everyone loves to bowl, right? It’s fun to divide your group into two different teams and ignite that competitive spirit. Give out a goofy trophy or prize to the winning team.


Getaways and Retreats to Treat Your Team Right 

This is obviously an option if you have a bigger budget to utilize for a traditional getaway or retreat for your team.

Pack your bags!

Winery: A wine retreat that has a posh hotel or cozy bed and breakfast that can accommodate groups is an option. Wine tastings and exceptional food provide a welcome retreat from a couple of regular work days.

Spas: Who doesn’t feel more renewed and invigorated after a relaxing spa trip? Massages, facials, and steam rooms can make your team feel as good as new. Take a yoga class or go on a hike in the great outdoors together.

The health and wellness benefits of relaxation time can actually make your team more productive going forward. This is especially true if there has been some stress in coming up with just the right marketing methods to use and your team has been stuck on all the wrong ideas.

Indoor Water Park: Wave pools, slides, hot tubs, and tiki bars are a just a few of the activities to enjoy at an indoor water park. They usually have great event spaces for meetings as well to convene with your team after the fun.


In any of these activities or getaways, make sure you set aside an hour or two to have that all important brainstorming session. Or for a couple of days away at a retreat, schedule a few different group meetings to get some content strategy work accomplished. When you take your team outside of the office or their comfort zones, you may be surprised and delighted at what they can come up with for creative new content strategy ideas. If you need help conjuring up new content ideas, reach out to the content strategists at WriterAccess!


Writer Access 5-Star Writer Kelly R.Kelly R is a Beauty Editor and experienced copywriter, with a keen eye for creating all kinds of marketing content that sells. Having a background in journalism, she has written for many different online and print publications including Allure, Mode Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, Seminole, and The New Yorker. As a published author, her book on beauty and style is available at bookstores nationwide and at Amazon and Barnes & Noble stores.

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