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Corporate Blogging 101

Corporate blogs are an effective social media platform for a company to share information related to the products or services it offers. A well-written corporate blog allows a company to establish expertise within an industry and build trust with new and existing customers. For a freelance blog writer, a corporate blogging gig can serve as a way to boost the value of their writing services and enhance their own credibility as an expert within a specific industry.

Bloggers should aim to always create quality content for corporate clients. There are hundreds of corporate blogs dotting the cyberspace landscape. Only a few are truly worthy of bookmarking for repeat visits. What can you do to set a corporate blog apart from the crowd?

Consider these suggestions for enhancing your corporate blogging.

Develop Thought Leadership: Corporate blogs should give customers a reason to read the blog. That means identifying what your target audience wants. Gather information on what information will be useful that can relate to both the audience’s needs and the products or services offered by the company. Select topics that will cover those bases and appeal to customers.

Incorporate SEO Principles: Stay on top of what is trending in social media and in the news. A good blogger is aware of what is making headlines within their industry and can draw on it for inspiration in creating original content. Research what keywords are popular in search engine results related to your industry and organically graft those words into your content. It will rank your blog post higher and create more exposure for potential customers.

Use the Company “Voice”: Good corporate blog posts work as a marketing tool for a company. They enhance brand awareness and define what the company is all about. A freelance corporate blogger should work closely with company management to develop a blogging strategy that conveys the right message to their customers.

Write to the Audience: Corporate blogs are most effective when they are dynamic and offer readers a chance to interact with the company. Crafting a post is only one step. You should offer avenues for conversation and feedback through a comment section or email. Make the blog feel like a resource for all sorts of insight and information related to the company’s products or services.

Keep It Fresh: A blog only works if it offers people a reason to read. Use it as a channel for regular news and updates. Creating a stream of fresh and engaging content will give customers a reason to keep coming back.

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