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Content Writing for the Industrial Audience: Straight No Chaser

straight no chaser

Your customer has a job to do and isn’t looking through a pretty site that talks him in circles. The industrial professional might be looking for mechanical insulation, custom industrial cases or food processing equipment, but one thing’s for sure: he isn’t looking for flowery design or mumbo-jumbo language. It’s your job to get the point across quickly, professionally and in a way a potential customer can relate to.

It’s Not All Technical Speak

Don’t get lost in the facts and figures of the products. Some companies may want you to focus on the bare bones of what they are selling, but it’s important to remember that industrial buyers are people too and can get easily bored with the plain technical language approach. Instead, focus on the audience and focus on how they act as customers. For this industry, you will be writing to the top company professional who:

Makes Decisions: The industrial decision maker doesn’t want to mess around with sorting through a lot of bulky information or sales language. This buyer will want it to be stated in a straightforward manner the benefits of the products and why this particular company is better than the others. This content should also be paired with a simple, clean and efficient page design to keep navigation straightforward, professional and directed.

Values Time: More than likely, this audience wanted the solution yesterday. The faster you can present the information as something that will waste less of their time, the more you will be talking their language and solving their problem.

Values Quality: Most industrial professionals have built their business (especially if it is a small business) on quality products. In turn, they appreciate quality and will pay more to not hassle with crap. Writing for this audience should focus on the professional value of the products and the durability it will offer.

Clean Cut Content Writing

Take out the information that doesn’t matter and create breaks in your writing to help your industrial professionals skim. You can utilize headers or bullets to make this process easier. You won’t be writing about an exciting and beautiful product itself and it may be very hard to get an audience excited about it. I mean, who really can describe a pasta press in a way that makes a professional just yearn for it? Add in the angle that talks around the product itself and helps the professional visualize the end result:

  • What will they be able to create or change with this industrial product?
  • What value can they picture themselves gaining from it?
  • Is it time-saving, energy-saving or hassle-saving?

Providing Direction, Solutions and Answers

Remember that triangle of quality, speed and price? You can only pick two and have to sacrifice a third. For the small business industrial professional, the choice is often speed and quality.

It is important to keep yourself from being repetitive here or sounding desperate in any way. At the end of your writing, the brand should sound strong — capable of providing that speed and quality and deserving of that top-dollar payout. The business you represent must be presented as the perfect solution for industrial products and not just another option in the industry. You need to help them prove they understand the market and offer a quick, simple and effective solution.

Alethea M is a corporate blogging guru and freelance writer for WriterAccess. She often uses interesting facts from her article research to impress friends at dinner parties. Her husband is her biggest fan — though this may be because her writing income allows her to share in bill-paying each month.

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