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Content Strategy Trends to Pay Attention to in 2020

Content marketing and strategies alter and shift constantly. Usually, however, there are certain strategies that you can focus on every year. While these may change year to year, or even shift during the year, it is a great starting point when you are trying to begin your content strategy plan for the year. Before you start creating any content or even creating your strategy plan for the rest of the year, take a look at these strategy trends that you can focus on in the coming year for the best results.

Focus on Video and Live Streams

Video has taken over the content arena so it is definitely something that should be focused on. If you do not already have a strong presence in video, now is the time to really dig in. If you wait too long, you will already be behind when it comes to strategy. If you do already have a video presence, now is the time to expand your footprint and content that includes video. If it makes sense, find a way to incorporate live stream videos as a way to reach your target market and your audience. In fact, 80% of consumers would prefer to watch a video or a live video than read a blog from a brand which makes video king of content these days. Video and live streams are great ways to enhance other content strategies you have planned for the year. You can also consider using YouTube more for your business and not only social media or your website.

Keep the Conversation Going

People no longer want you to tell them everything without any input. Your target audience loves the conversation as well as being part of it. This is beneficial for you and your target audience because your audience will love that you can actually hear what matters to them and you get to use that to your advantage as you work to improve your brand and your relationship with your current customers and make better choices to attract new ones. If you can find a way to keep the conversation going and get your customers to talk, then you will hit a gold mine and they will also feel more valued and heard.

Personalize Content Wherever You Can!

You may not be able to personalize everything that you create when it comes to content, but you should make it a goal to start personalizing when it is possible. Not only are companies starting to do this more and more when it comes to their content, but now people in the market are starting to expect it more often. This is a part of content marketing that you should focus on bringing to the forefront of your strategy so that you do not get behind in the content realm. there are a lot of different ways that you can think about personalization so allow yourself to think outside of the box when it comes to this trend and how you can implement it this year.

Continue to Tailor to Smart Devices

Are you still focusing in how your content comes across on a laptop or a desktop computer? If so, you are looking at the wrong kinds of devices! People are using their smart phones more and more these days for all of their searching and almost every aspect of their lives. It is great when your content looks great on a laptop but you need it to function fantastically on smart phones. You may even want to consider creating an app that will allow you to push more content out in a more formatted way. Just make sure that your content looks great on the app or without an app.

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Caroline D. absolutely loves to write. It is something that comes naturally to her and she is always looking for any opportunity to expand her skills and knowledge. That being said, there are very few articles she will not accept on a basic level so she can learn more about the world around us. has been writing online for over 7 years and received a score in the 96% percentile on the GRE while applying to graduate school. She has been at WriterAccess for two years and in that time, she has sold over 3,200 orders to happy customers. She currently has a ~13% “Exceeds” rating return on her work and is constantly trying to increase that percentage by pleasing clients.

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