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Content MarTech: New Platform Chrome Extension

Content MarTech: New Platform Chrome Extension

Even the most prolific WriterAccess superstars have experienced that moment when you discover you’ve missed a time-sensitive message from a client or your freelance writer.

It’s a real let-down and it holds you back from moving forward in the process of outsourcing your content.

Until now, your choices were either habitually refreshing a page or keeping a tab open and clickable at all times. That can feel disruptive if you’re trying to read a blog or browse a favorite site.

Whether your client’s taking a long time to answer your question or you’ve got a new opportunity on the line, WriterAccess created a new solution to help you stay on top of things.

Building a Better Experience

Client convenience recently got a boost in the form of WriterAccess features like the recently-released WriterAccess iOS mobile app, so it’s only fair that innovation followed suit for content creation tech as well.

Knowing the struggle of a “multi-tabbed” writer trying to constantly check their WA inbox, a new browser add-on was developed for both Chrome and Firefox.

Small and unobtrusive, it only takes a moment to set up, but offers writers of all skill levels the chance to impress clients with near-instant communication.

One of the best ways to connect with new clients and inspire confidence is being diligent about communication, and now it’s easier than ever before.

Green Means Go!

Once the WA logo is tucked into your browser bar, the add-on magic goes to work. Your WriterAccess inbox is automatically checked every few minutes, which means you can avoid an hours-long delay in response.

No more lost or paused projects and best of all, if a number does pop up beside your little logo, all it takes is a click to open up a brand new browser tab to read it.

No more frantically hitting ctrl+shift+T to recover that vital article you just accidentally closed.

Of the WriterAccess features currently available, this add-on is a particularly exciting improvement for writers that push their browser-tab limits.

Whether it be a tab each for research, grammar checkers, email inbox(es), social media accounts, and maybe (no judgement here) a game or two to “reset” their writing concentration now and then.

The latest in an ongoing series of updates aimed at helping writers perform at their best, and provide even clearer communication between client and talent.

Offerings like the free browser add-on reinforce why WriterAccess remains the savvy content creator’s platform of choice.
When both clients and writers can navigate their needs more easily, everyone wins!

Delany M is a diligent writer within the WriterAccess platform who always has at least six tabs open.

We will be checking in with her regarding how the Chrome has affected both her communication with clients and overall experience and productivity!

Guest Author

By WriterAccess

Freelancer Delany M

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