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Content Marketing Trends: Introspection, Optimization, & Optimism

This week’s most captivating content marketing trends ask us for some introspection, optimization, and optimism! For the marketers making a few content marketing mistakes and those who already killing it with a rock-solid strategy, this week’s roundup has a little something for everyone. 

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I EAT Acronyms Like Those for Breakfast!

How to Improve Your Website’s E-A-T via Search Engine Journal

Although they haven’t exactly admitted to it outright, it appears that Google cares about your website’s E-A-T. Maybe you skipped lunch, and now you’re panicking. Could all your missed meals sabotage your search ranking?! 

No, of course not! Google’s not interested in your salami sandwich or leftover falafel; all the search engine geniuses are busy trying to evaluate and rank your website’s Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

You might be wondering how Google can manage to do all of that. Unfortunately, that’s still a big, fat mystery. You can, however, chew on this article from Search Engine Journal to get the skinny on expert speculation and what said experts think you should do to bolster your site’s EAT. 

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Now That You Understand EAT, Let’s Have MVA for Dessert

Build a Data-Driven Content Marketing Program with Your MVA via Business 2 Community

Ugh..two acronyms in one weekly roundup! Really? 

MVA refers to your most valuable audience a.k.a the customers filling your coffers or most likely to become future coffer fillers. This helpful article from Business 2 Community describes exactly how you can use the data you have on your MVAs to develop an entire content marketing strategy based on attracting the right audience, holding their attention, turning leads into conversions, and keeping them loyal. Read the full article to find out how to gather the data and start strategizing. 

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If You Don’t Have Enough Problems Already, Read This

25 Content Strategy Mistakes You Might Be Making (And How to Fix Them) via WriterAccess

No matter how meticulously you work, there will always be mistakes or, if not mistakes, then things that could be improved. No one loves a negative Nelly, but everyone appreciates a solutions Sally. So, here are 25 content strategy mistakes you didn’t realize you might be making and 25 ways to fix them. 

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And Here’s a Whole Set of Worries Designed Especially for B2B Content Marketers

Five Problems with B2B Content and How to Fix Them via ClickZ

If you’re in the business of business to business marketing, then you’re facing an entirely different set of challenges compared to your business to consumer counterparts. Although CEOs are people, too, they require a slightly different marketing approach and a different content strategy. 

Take a look at this article for a quick rundown of some of the most common mistakes (and some pretty awesome solutions) that B2B content marketers make. Your B2B content strategy will be good-as-new in no time. 

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Are You Fab Enough for Topical Marketing?

3 Questions to See If You Should Tackle Trending Topics via Content Marketing Institute

In the stormy land of topic generation, trending topics might seem like low-hanging fruit, but they can be tricky. To make sure you don’t bite off more contemporary conversation than you can chew, consider the three questions posed in this article from Content Marketing Institute. They’ll help you decide whether or not your content strategy has what it takes (like enough a quick enough workflow) to jump on the band-wagon and talk about what everyone else is talking about. 

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Get Back to Business and Be Better Than Ever

5 Steps to Mastering Your Content Strategy as Part of Your Business Comeback via TAPinto

If you’re struggling to see your business through the recent pandemic-related closures and slowed economy, then you’re not alone. But the truth is pandemic or no pandemic, it’s tough to be in business. Whether or not your brand has been affected by our turbulent times, your business will benefit from a content marketing boost. 

Read this article to learn how you can master your content marketing strategy in five quick steps to revive your business and surprise your competition with a confident comeback. 

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Learn to Optimize Like a Rock Star

5 Key Tools to Improve the SEO Potential of Your Content via Social Media Today

When you’re busy, busy, busy with content marketing, managing workflow, brainstorming topics, and scheduling your distribution and publication, it can be easy to overlook the basics like search engine optimization. SEO goes further than delivering a list of keywords to your writing team; it’s about choosing the right keywords, the best topics, pleasing the search engines, engaging with your audience, and more. 

Take a break from your busy life to refresh and refocus your content with an eye on SEO. 

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When Participation is 100% of Your Grade

How You Can Use Interactive Content to Grow Your Audience via Forbes

Unless you have an unlimited budget, countless personnel, and endless free time, you’re not going to be able to hit the streets and connect with every one of your potential customers. You might be able to reach some of them in brick and mortar shops, pop-up events, or at conferences, but the connections you make will be fleeting. The next best thing to interacting with your customers in person is interacting with them through your content. 

There are plenty of interactive strategies to engage your customers, develop long-lasting relationships, and help them feel like they know you and you appreciate them. After you check out this long and thoroughly creative list of interactive content marketing ideas from Forbes, all of your customers will receive A+ grades in participation. 

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