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7 Keys to Content Marketing Betterment


At WriterAccess, we believe that being as forward-thinking as possible should always be one of your top priorities.

It’s great whenever you find a new tip, trick or technique that really gets the results you’re after… but to say that the world changes fast is something of an understatement.

Yesterday’s silver bullet might be woefully inadequate today. 17

In an effort for your marketing team to truly come together as the glue that holds your messaging together like it needs to be, you need to toss out all the old to make way for the new as often as you can.

Here are a few tips that will benefit your content marketing efforts in 2017:


It’s All About Driving

So much of success in terms of content marketing is all about that driver – the thing that makes success no longer a question of “if,” but when.

In the old days, keywords were a major driver – the right keywords could do wonders for search engine optimization in particular.

These days, you can’t let the search giants dictate the content you’re creating. If you really want to connect with your audience, you need to let the questions they already have be your guide.

Content Marketing Tactics < Strategy

Content marketing itself is no longer a tactic, powered entirely by automated solutions. You can’t be afraid of getting in there and getting your hands dirty, so to speak.

Content strategy is now the driver you’re after, with personalized content execution acting as the engine that keeps the whole thing moving forward.

Contextual Relevancy

But publishing as much content as you possibly can isn’t a viable way to drive performance.

Throwing “everything at the wall and seeing what sticks” is no longer an effective business model, if it ever was in the first place.

Contextual relevancy and, above all else, quality content are how you earn that clout these days.


Perfecting a Message

In order to master those important factors like contextual relevancy and content quality, you need quality writers to get the job done.

But reviewing resumes to painstakingly select the best people for the best pieces is a thing of the past.

Algorithms now exist that allow you to track individual writer performance, instantly identify where they excel and use those facts to your advantage. It would be an absolute shame for you to not take full advantage of them.

In many ways, perfecting your message is all about revealing a customer’s wants and needs.

The “old” way of doing this was to use customer surveys, but those days are long gone.

Writing style metrics and big data don’t lie and luckily they’re now easier to use and even easier to leverage.

Ensuring Your ROI

But even the objectively best piece of content you’ve ever seen won’t mean a thing if your price is wrong.

In the “old days,” pricing was essentially guesswork – sometimes you were right on the money and sometimes you were way off the mark.

The wrong price could kill your return on investment in an instant.
WriterAccess offers risk-free solutions (don’t like the content, you don’t pay) to help lead the way!

What’s your content marketing plan for 2017?


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