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Content Marketing Podcasts You Can’t Afford To Miss

Content marketing is largely a self-taught industry in which individuals with some

Sarah R is a 4-Star writer at WriterAccess
Sarah R is a 4-Star writer at WriterAccess

marketing and advertising experience attempt to expand that knowledge base into the new

industry of online and content marketing. Considering this, understanding how to rustle up resources for improving your content marketing endeavors becomes very important. Podcasts provide a great source of DIY information for content marketers who are still learning the ropes. Here are a few of the best content marketing podcasts you will want to check out.

Crack the Customer Code

This podcasts touches on all facets of customer service, marketing and advertising, definitely including plenty of information on content marketing. Crack the Customer Code is hosted by Adam Toporek and Jeannie Walters. Adam is the founder of Customers That Stick and has made it his life goal to figure out new and innovative ways to make customers happy. Jeannie is head of 360 Connext and specializes in creating better digital experiences for customers and helping organizations understand how best to address customers in this digital age through content creation, financial writing, social media distribution as well as other important content marketing skills.

This Old Marketing

This podcasts hails as the flagship show on the Content Marketing Institute Podcasts Network. This entertaining combination of marketing education and great personalities

suedhang/Getty Images
suedhang/Getty Images

was founded in 2013 by Joe Pulizzi, CMI Founder along with Robert Rose, chief content strategist. The show is set up in a true “buddy show” format making it both entertaining as well as profitable. Here you can catch the latest content marketing news along with editorials in the Rants and Raves segment.

The Craft of Marketing

This great show is put together by true professionals. Although hosted by Seth Price, The Craft of Marketing brings together professionals from different areas of marketing including marketers, creatives, and entrepreneurs who make it their business to understand customers and how to best approach them. The podcasts is filled with tips, tricks and real world strategies which have been tried and tested by some of the best in the marketing business.

Content Warfare

Hosted by Ryan Handley, Content Warfare takes on a great conversational tone so that marketers can be the fly on the wall listening in on some great talks with some of the best online marketers in the business. Successful content creators share their secrets on how to attract and retain online audiences and appeal to their customer base with their online marketing endeavors.

The Superheroes of Marketing

Hosts Alisa Meredith and Kelly Kranz customize this podcasts specifically for small to medium sized businesses and content marketers looking to increase web traffic and audience retention. Interviews with successful content creators and distributors along with their own fun personalities makes Superheroes of Marketing entertaining and educational.

WriterAccess Podcasts

WriterAccess CEO Byron White hosts this series of podcasts which feature interviews with top content marketing strategists in the industry as well as bestselling authors. These podcasts cover a vast range of topics which apply to both content marketers as well as content creators.

4-Star writer Sarah R is a full time freelance writer and full time single, homeschooling mother of four.

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