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Top 7 Attributes to Look For in a Content Marketing Platform

Your business is growing, and outsourcing certain tasks is becoming a necessity. Working with a content marketing platform to help your business move to the next level doesn’t just take work off of your plate – it also lets you access experts who know how to speak to your audience. Here, we’ll take a look at seven things to keep an eye out for when you’re choosing a content marketing platform.

1. Content Performance Tools

Figuring out how to order the content that will get to the top of search engine results, appeal to your target audience, and use the right language for your business isn’t easy – and content performance tools can help.

When you’re searching for a content marketing platform, look for an organization that offers access to content marketing tools like Copyscape, Google Analytics, and BuzzSumo. When writers and editors have access to these tools, it’s more likely your content will end up in front of your ideal customer.

2. Screened, Vetted Talent

When you’re working with a content marketing platform, you want access to writers you can trust to take your ideas and make them dance across the screen of your target market. Choose a platform that vets its writers before allowing them to access customer orders.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – high-quality content marketing platforms are happy to tell you about the process they use to ensure that they’re only hiring top-notch talent. Look for platforms that have long-standing writers, as longevity speaks to both the quality of the platform and the quality of the talent they have on board.

3. Streamlined Communication

There’s nothing worse than waiting to hear back from someone on a project. When you’re choosing a content marketing platform, be sure to look into the way you’ll communicate with talent. Some platforms allow you to message talent directly, while others do not.

You’ll want to choose an organization that allows you to work out the kinks of an order directly with talent, including revisions after a project is submitted for your approval. Ask your potential platform about how long it typically takes to hear back from talent, as this can give you a sense of whether you’ll get the response time you need to get your business moving.

4. Training to Help You Get Started Right

It can take some time to get used to a new platform, and it’s key to have the training tools you need at your fingertips to help you through the getting-started process. When you’re choosing a content management platform, ask about the tools they offer to help you get into gear.

You should have access to training modules that will teach you the ins and outs of placing an order, communicating with clients, and pulling images to make your content pop.

5. Publishing Integrations

You don’t want to mess with formatting once you receive your order from a content marketing platform. Choosing a platform that integrates with your favorite publishing tools (like HubSpot, WordPress, and Twitter) can make it faster than ever to get your content in front of your audience.

Not sure whether a content marketing platform will easily integrate with your preferred publishing method? Be sure to talk with an account manager and give publishing content a try during your free trial period.

6. User-Friendly Interface

Getting used to any new interface can take a minute, but the best content marketing platforms work to create a user experience that’s simple and intuitive. During your free trial period, be sure to take your time poking around the interface, discovering whether its flow makes sense for the way you like to work. Be sure to test out all of the essential functions you’ll need as you use the platform to get the content you need to grow your business.

7. The Support You Need – When You Need It

From placing an order to asking for revisions on content, you’ve got a lot to learn when you begin working with a new content marketing platform. You want to be sure you’ll be able to get the support you need from the platform’s staff members.

Take a look through the site’s video tutorials, and be sure to find out what happens when you need assistance from a real person. When you’re up against a deadline, the last thing you want is to struggle to get ahold of someone who can answer your questions.

At Writer Access, We’ve Got You

Here at Writer Access, we know what it takes to build your brand, and we’re here to help you grow. Our triad of power delivers the talent, tools, and training you need to bring your business to the next level. Oh, and one more thing you’ll want to look for in a content marketing platform? A free trial, of course. Like the free 14-day trial we offer at WriterAccess. Give us a go today.

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