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Agency Hack 3 of 5: Get the Timesavers in Place, like Wizards and Builders

Scaling your agency’s content production means creating more content with less effort. And effortless takes on a whole new meaning when you use wizards, builders and other timesaving tools to boost your content marketing productivity and output. 

Whether your agency has three or 33 clients, there are myriad ways to reduce the time and effort at each stage of the content marketing process. 

The best way to highlight how is to go through the different content marketing stages while pointing out some of the advanced features and tools built right into the WriterAccess platform. 

Establishing Brand Guidelines

Speed up the process of establishing brand guidelines for each client with readymade templates that let you simply fill in the blanks. 

Buyer Persona Builder: Document pain points, questions and background info for each client’s ideal customer. 

Journey Map Builder: Quickly map out every stage of the buyer’s journey for each client.

Researching Keywords and Topics 

Transform time-consuming research into a fast-paced task, saving and storing your results for easy access when it comes time to share topics and launch orders for clients. 

BuzzSumo: Discover trending topics you can transform into content orders for your clients.

Semrush: Integrate client Semrush data with your content creation platform to find, track and discover hot keywords, topics and questions with ease. 

SpyFu: Research client competitors so you can build keyword lists that include phrases for which you want them to compete. 

Keyword Lists: Create and save keyword lists for each client, making it easy to optimize and boost the performance of their content. 

Request Topic Pitches: Save even more time while tapping into your writing team’s creativity by having writers pitch topics for your clients’ content.

Create Topic Master Lists: Larger agencies that specialize in specific industries can create lists of industry specific topics coupled with the hottest keywords. Clients can readily choose the topics they want created with original content.

Launching Orders 

Placing your clients’ orders is a snap when you create pertinent documents in advance. Simply access the documents you already saved, instantly giving writers the info they need to succeed. 

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