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Content Farms: Will The Newest Google Farmer Update Kill The Crop?

Much criticism has been thrown around on the Internet lately about content farms, and just like any type of gossip, many of the facts get left out. The recent Google update has brought many websites to a halt, and all because much of the work is not what they feel is quality content.

Google is looking for quality content that brings value to the website and to the reader. In other words, when people read each of your content assets, it should tell a different story, or at least present it in a new light.

These so-called content farms are a favorite job source for an experienced writer for a couple of reasons. First, if they are quality writers, it can mean a steady amount of work. And secondly, it leaves dealing with the client directly to the editor of the writing service.

What Kind of Sites Are Considered Content Farms?

Content farms have many looks, but you will probably recognize names such as, Associated Content (now Yahoo Contributor), Demand Studios, and even places like Ezine Articles. Does this mean these place are bad? Absolutely not! Without content providers, the Internet would dry up and many people would have to look for answers somewhere else.

Why Did Google Change Algorithms Again?

The Google Panda (Farmer) Algorithm Update, has caused many website owners to lose rank and visitors lately. So why would Google do this? Google wants their users to have a good experience when searching online. In order to do this they need quality content that is not only good, but relative to the user’s keyword search.

Some of the not-so-good content farms have allowed anyone with a computer to write content. Many times this content is nothing more than rehashed information they stole from real writers, then wrapped up in some pretty fluff. Some of you have probably seen the same article on more than one website. Google is trying to stop practices such as these and penalize substandard work.

Many of these content farms turn out over 4,000 articles per day, which are added to the search results for people to sift through. You can see the dilemma that the search engines now find themselves in.

Does This Mean The End Of Writing For Pay?

This latest update by Google will be one of the best things that has ever happened to the experienced writer, and here is the reason why: Website owners will now be willing to pay a decent wage for high quality content, and really good writers will rise to the top quickly.

Good content farms will continue to furnish quality content and continue to make sure they only accept the best work from an experienced writer. The main criticism that content farms receive is that the work is of low quality. This may be true for some sites, but if you work for a site that scrutinizes your work and refuses to accept bad writing, you will continue to make money.

What Can Writers Do To Help?

When you write content be sure to do your due diligence and research your content fearlessly. Listen to what the client wants and pay attention to details. Of course checking the spelling is a no-brainier, but read through the article several times anyway. Many words can be spelled correctly, but may not be the correct word needed in your sentence.

If you are getting your writing assignments through an assignment desk, be sure you understand what the clients wants. If you have any doubt, then contact your editor to get those questions answered. Understanding what the client is trying to accomplish with the content will help you turn out better quality content, which means better writing jobs and bigger checks. Don’t you think it’s time we helped content farms become content managers?

Rhonda G. is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments. WriterAccess is powered by ideaLaunch.

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