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9 Amazing Content Distribution Tools

You’ve written something useful, actionable, and beneficial, but unless it reaches your target audience, it serves very little purpose.

Yes, that’s harsh, but it’s also reality. Unless your content reaches someone who needs it, it’s pretty useless and a waste of your valuable time. Plus, no one is going to have a chance to love it! We all want someone to love our content.

Best Tools for Distributing Your Content

Before putting the proverbial pen to paper, you need to know where and how you intend to publish and promote your content. To give you an idea of how important a plan is, let’s look at a few content distribution statistics.

That’s a lot of competition. To even out the odds, you need a plan, and we’ve created an overview of a few content distribution tools you just might fall in love with.

distribution tools

Editorial Calendar that Includes Distribution

Successful content marketing and planning go hand in hand. Excel, Google Sheets, or Google Calendar may be used; however, CMS tools often better serve your needs. They give you a roadmap of what you need to work on weeks and even months in advance.


CoSchedule helps you get more done in less time by organizing your marketing in one convenient location. It caters to businesses of all sizes; however, its main focus is organizations that run a blog or make frequent changes to their websites.

At its least expensive and simplest level, CoSchedule helps organize blog posts and social media. Higher-priced tiers provide a full online marketing suite for the creation and scheduling of all marketing activities.


Asana’s user experience prioritizes the team and not just the project manager. It’s best suited to smaller teams who want to improve accountability and collaboration. Asana may be confusing to use initially, but its flexibility and extensive capabilities take the sting out of the effort required to get started.

Asana offers a free package with basic features to help teams or individuals get started. Additional tiers are available as needs increase.


Trello meets the needs of most project management teams. Its Kanban board system is easy to learn and use. Offering task management and collaboration tools, Trello covers most project management basics in a simple, intuitive way. All tiers, including their free package, come with two-factor authentication.

Social Media Management Platforms

Social media management platforms make it easy for businesses to track, publish and update content on a variety of social media outlets.


Hootsuite has set the pace for social media management tools. It’s a great all-around social media management platform for small- to medium-sized businesses. With a free plan and a 30-day free trial for new paid subscribers, Hootsuite has something that fits every budget. It does have one drawback, with many complaining that the platform’s pricing seems to increase frequently.


Buffer is a fast and reliable way to manage multiple social media accounts. It has a user-friendly dashboard and a simple setup process. With some of the lowest prices in the industry, it offers a 14-day trial on paid packages and basic features in a free account. A buffer may lack some advanced features complex social media teams need.


Launched to compete with Buffer and Hootsuite, SocialPilot has grown tremendously in only a few years to become one of the most popular social media management apps. Although SocialPilot lacks a free plan like many of its competitors, it does provide a 14-day free trial and has a relatively affordable pricing structure.

Email Marketing

ROI on email marketing is high – for every $1 marketer spends, they get $36 in return. A smart marketer takes advantage of this statistic, and email marketing software makes it easier.


With a blend of advanced features and a user interface that’s intuitive and well-organized, Mailchimp has long been one of the best ways to send emails to a list of contacts. With a free package and several tiers of paid-price plans, it’s the perfect option for new and experienced users alike.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact’s easy-to-use, all-in-one digital and email marketing platform provides everything needed to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It excels in contact management capabilities, although it’s lacking in segmentation and other areas. Constant Contact is a bit pricier than some email marketing platforms and may not work for those with limited budgets.


Sendinblue’s intuitive email marketing platform provides small businesses with the same tools big companies use to attract, engage and nurture customer relationships. This gives small businesses an equal footing with the big brands. Sendinblue offers competitive pricing, including a free package, making it an excellent option for businesses of all sizes.

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