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Consumer Goods Writing: Ads, Blogs and Product Reviews

Consumer Goods writing comes in a number of forms depending on the purpose. These include formats from outright advertising copy to product review and research. Freelance consumer goods content writers frequently exhibit an ability and capacity to handle all of these formats adeptly, meeting the needs of business and consumers alike in content production.

Consumer Goods Research

This is the territory of early Alan Greenspan. Most people think the man gained his fame working in a bank. In reality, he learned to read and find patterns in consumer goods and manufacturing reports the government produced weekly and monthly (The Age of Turbulence, Greenspan). By interpreting the trends, he then was able to write deep analysis and predictive work on where the U.S. economy was going. That opened opportunities for him later on in terms of advising the government on economic matters. The modern freelancer can use the same kind of reports to provide clients valuable research product on various industries and data trends.

Content Marketing

Not quite direct advertising, not quite objective and detached writing, content marketing is becoming mainstream as businesses and companies try to maintain a social media presence and need regularly changing content to keep their presence interesting. Freelance writers entering in this area will find that topic blogging is a common demand, especially material that captures a reader and gently steers them into a desired consumer behavior. That said, the material still needs to be interesting and changing. Singularly-focused content bores readers quickly. So skilled freelance consumer goods content writers blend creativity, news and marketing into one with their blog posts and articles.

Product Review

Another area on consumer goods that can be potentially lucrative for good freelance writers involves product review. However, the format is not as simple as describing a phone or a food product or a car. The writer has to display both a technical expertise about the product genre as well as be able to write about the product in an appealing way. Good product review pulls the reader in to consider the details described and why they do or don’t work. That said, no writer is going to understand every product available. So research is critical to both understanding the topic and communicating about it effectively.

Multiple Opportunities Are Available

Consumer goods writing comes with multiple paths for opportunity and profit. Clients are predominantly in business, but with so much variety, everyone can find a niche they are comfortable writing about. Additionally, a writer also gets to learn a thing or two about what he or she is buying as well.

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