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#CMC18: Why is NOW the Time to Master Content Marketing?

We asked all of our Content Marketing Conference 2018 keynote and session speakers to answer a few questions about—you guessed it—the state of content marketing today. One of them was: “Why is now the time to master content marketing?”


Here’s a look at a few of our favorite responses!


Arnie Kuenn:

“I’d argue that the time was 5 years ago. If you haven’t done it by now, now IS the time. Every day that goes by, if you are not implementing a content marketing strategy, you are falling further and further behind your competition. And one thing about content marketing, it’s very hard to come from behind. Quit making excuses. Instead, make content a priority—just like you did when you decided to get a new accounting system, new website, new employees, and so on.”


Chris Dayley:

“Content marketing is one of the most critical elements of any business. You CANNOT do without this in today’s competitive digital world. If you can understand what content your audience wants, and deliver serious value through any type of content medium, you will be miles ahead of your competitors and find success in all aspects of your business.”


Marilyn Cox:

“Unfortunately we now live in a time of tremendous skepticism. People are not confident that the information provided to them is accurate, correct, and legitimate. Companies must work so much harder to establish trust with their customers. Content marketing is one path to establishing that trust. But this can only happen by truly understanding the customer and what they value.”


Neal Schaffer:

“If you’re not doing content marketing in one way or another, I don’t know how you are going to be able to attract and engage with the huge digital audience that exists globally today.”


Jill Grozalsky:

“With so many websites and so much content out there, things start to blur together for customers and it can be really hard to stand out. That means that organizations today are competing on the customer experience that they deliver and content is such a significant part of that. Mastering content marketing NOW is critical to gaining a competitive edge, wow-ing customers and building loyalty with customers. It’s almost invaluable.”


Tim Ash:

“Traditional ‘greedy marketing’ is about pushing someone to make the decision that the company wants. Those overt tactics do not work on increasingly media-savvy consumers. At its core, content marketing is about service. If you are genuinely trying to help people by educating them, they will value that.”


Nancy Harhut:

“Because content marketing is only continuing to grow. And that means you will be up against more competition than ever before. But becoming a content marketing master can ensure that you do not miss any opportunities—and, in fact, that you’ve given yourself the best chance for success.”


Want to see more where this came from? Or, better yet, experience more where this came from? Register for CMC18 today!


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