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Cloud Computing, Computer Security and Cryptography: Do You Need a Geek to Write About These IT Topics?

IT CopywritersYou need an article that discusses the latest developments in cloud security technology in regards to encrypting data and implementing cloud-based firewalls. Who should you hire to write this high-tech article? A professional copywriter who has 10+ years in the business, impeccable grammar and a way with words? Or a twenty-something geek with no writing experience, but who could take apart a smartphone and put it back together again so that it functions like Spock’s futuristic tricorder? Although the “techie” you are inclined to commission for creating IT website content is probably more qualified to pen cutting-edge articles, he or she may not provide you with content that is comprehensible or “reader friendly” to anyone visiting your website.

What you may not realize is that professional copywriters are great researchers who know the difference between information culled from factual websites and information that may be suspect or highly subjective. In addition, experienced writers can transform complicated text that involves abstract concepts, unfamiliar “long” words and discursive composition into text that uses more familiar words and less convoluted sentences to explain sophisticated ideas. Although some blogs and published white papers contain IT website content that is solely intended for uber tech-heads who comprehend obscure techno-babble, most websites requiring cloud security content are maintained by businesses that are advertising a cloud security service. Consequently, since the majority of visitors are seeking assistance with preventing security breaches involving cloud-based company information, they will not want to read a twenty-something’s dissertation on “Mathematical Theories and Cryptographic Algorithms.”

Another advantage to using a professional copywriter for writing high-tech content is that copywriters have the three fundamental rules of writing effective and persuasive copy tattooed on the inside of their eyelids: keep it simple, keep it concise and incorporate “scannable” content such as bullet points, sub-headings and short paragraphs. Marketing research studies into the habits of Internet surfers searching for information about a product or service has found that nearly all people repeatedly scan content instead of taking the extra few minutes to actually read it. This means that content comprised of long, unbroken paragraphs and insufficient amounts of “white” area will probably be passed over for easier-to-read content incorporating breaks, lists and punchy sentences.

Taking the “techspeak” out of IT website content won’t make the content less authoritiative or legitimate. It will, however, make it more accessible to potential customers due to a copywriter’s ability to transform an aggravating Rubik’s Cube into a pleasant and doable paint-by-number. Unlike techies with computer science degrees who do not have the slightest idea how to write persuasive, personable content, savvy copywriters understand from experience that successful marketing content appeals to familar, identifiable emotions rather than cool, precise intellect.

Kimberly M is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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