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Cheap Article Writing Services: Why Your Content Isn’t Singing the Right Birdsong

cheap article writing services

This weekend, my 10-year-old and I explored a wetland nature reserve. To reach the wetlands we walked along a boardwalk that was at least one mile long. For real, and yes, I knew this in advance but obviously didn’t tell him the length. As any parent can guess, the complaints started at the first bend of the boardwalk. Fortunately, I solved the problem by giving him my good camera to bird watch.

Low Budget Birds

Well, it worked for that problem but I make a discovery when we got home and I edited the photos. He took hundreds of pictures, and the main contents were…so many birds! All seagulls! And one, no make that two, blue herons. But the seagulls, those are the ones that starred in the show, those low budget birds. And all of that chirping got me thinking about cheap article writing services.

Quantity, Not Quality

As a customer who is buying articles for your website content, the very first thing you look at is your budget. You do, she does it, he does it, we all do it. Budgets scream the loudest when they are pinched, too, so it only makes sense to work within your means.

For your content, that means you can buy a whole bunch of content but the quality will be on par with my son’s blurry white seagulls. Generic, boring, hard to make out. If you want to buy content that shines like blue herons stalking their poor fishy prey, then you’ll have to limit your article count. Fewer articles cost more, so it makes you sweat a little, which is normal. Just remember it’s your budget talking, and as long as you stay within your means…

Writing for Miles

Calm your nerves and relax. Everything will be fine, and your budget will leave you alone, I promise. See, when you have higher quality, premium cost content for your website, you are making more than a single purchase. This content is going to travel through the winds of the web, just like those fast flying migratory flocks.

Articles that have more invested in them money wise also have more invested time wise on behalf of the writer. Because just like you, your writers are also looking at their budget. And when they are faced with writing an article that is going to pay a penny, they cannot afford to spend a dollar’s worth of time on it. It’s just back to the business of it all.

Keeping Up the Flock

Like birds preening their feathers, you also have to continually prune your content. As you purchase new articles for your website, spend time cutting out those articles that no longer offer value to your audience. This might be articles based on certain years, such as those Best of 2009 articles you still have posted on your site.

Another tip is to go back to the very first articles that you have published online. Those articles, by chance, could stand some editing. Maybe you have access to professional freelance writers who can revise the content for you, such as the thousands of writers here at WriterAccess. You might want to scrap those early articles altogether if they no longer share relevant information for your audience. In that case, simply replace those with better birds–articles–and you are as golden as a bald eagle, which is actually not…golden…but alas they are certainly regal, and that makes you think of gold…

Bottom line, your readers are looking for the most relevant and recent news and information you have to offer. Give them what they want and keep your flock, ahem, your customer community happy.

Overhaul Your Content

Maintain your total website content, and it will continue to drive up your visibility and reach. Start by hiring high quality freelance writers who will provide you with the bald eagles and puffins and cock-a-doodle-doo-ing roosters of articles. These birds, I mean articles, will bring your content up to speed for your readers. More importantly, by replacing all of your seagulls with blue herons, you upgrade your total website content.

Go from boring beach birds that harass beachcombers to the most glamorous, hard to capture on camera birds that sing the most beautiful songs. Those are the articles your readers want, and it all starts with staying far, far away from cheap article writing services. Stick with WriterAccess content writers for premium quality articles for your business. And remember, WriterAccess makes it easy to work with your budget without compromising quality. Cha-ching!

Miranda B has worked for a leading truck driver job recruiting firm as a web content writer. She has written more than 500,000 words for various truck driving job recruitment sites. Miranda works closely with the client’s publishing team with weekly conference calls in order to produce sticky and knowledge-rich content for their sites.

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