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Charity Begins at Work: Hire Bloggers to Launch a Charitable Campaign

Charity at WorkWhether you own a non-profit company yourself, or your for-profit firm chooses to donate a portion of its proceeds to charity, giving back to the community is a great thing. Chances are you have tons of great ideas for what to do with the proceeds—there are, after all, plenty of great causes you can support. You may also have plans for different ways you can raise money. The challenge for many organizations that wish to launch a charitable campaign is getting the word out to those who may want to help you reach these goals. If you are at loss when it comes to promotion, keep in mind these three ways you can hire bloggers to get your charitable campaign off the ground.

Hire Bloggers to Gain Web Traffic via SEO

One of the most important marketing tasks for any business, and especially one that is trying to raise money, is getting people to visit the website. While you can choose to use PPC advertising to get your name out there, gaining organic traffic is often the key to achieving the highest levels of success. Bloggers can create keyword-optimized content for your blog. This can help land your page at the top of the search engines for popularly searched phrases related to your charity. Additionally, you may hire a blogger to create guest posts and post them off site. These offer a boost in two ways: these posts give you backlinks, which improve your search engine position and they may direct interested individuals straight to your site.

Hire Bloggers to Write Proposals and Press Releases

When you are just getting your campaign off the ground, you may need to write a proposal or two to larger corporations asking for their cooperation in your incentive. Additionally, websites like offer another platform for gaining donations. However, you will need to share your story! A blogger is often a great choice for writing these proposals, since he or she can strike a good balance between professionalism and personality. When you are officially launching your campaign, releasing a press release is a great idea too. Many bloggers also excel at this task.

Hire Bloggers to “Attack” Social Media

Today, one of the most important ways to draw attention to anything is through social media. A blogger knows how to make an impact with words, so he or she is a natural choice for writing your social media posts. Additionally, make sure the content you are creating for your blog is easily shared through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest—a top-notch blogger understands that a piece of content sharable.

When it comes time to begin a new charitable campaign, a blogger can be your best friend. Make certain you provide him or her with details about your plans, interesting statistics, and the resources he or she needs to succeed. Then, sit back and wait for the clicks, emails and donations to start arriving so you can get out there and do something amazing.

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