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Catch and Release: Good for Fish, Bad for Business

Catch and ReleaseSnagging the attention of a potential customer is fairly easy, but doing so sustainably requires a bit more skill. You can shock, distract and, yes, even annoy customers into looking your way out of reflex, but if there’s nothing of substance in that glance, they’ll move on. Add this knowledge to the fact that these showy, loud displays of marketing typically take a big chunk of the budget and you have a recipe for the bottom-line blues. To put it into simpler terms, throwing dynamite in the water might turn up a lot of fish, but what kind of shape are they going to be in when you actually reach them?

Getting Customers on Board

If you want customers to remain on your site longer than the space of a glance, you’ll need to give them a reason to stick around. When you hire a content writer, you’re making a great step towards retaining the casual or curious browser by giving them something to truly explore. A how-to guide that features your product, an explanation of your company’s special features or even a heartwarming story about a happy customer are great tactics for engaging customers—”reeling them in” to give you more time to convert them into buyers. Content writers for hire can give you these tools, leaving you more free time to consider important facets like site design and checkout flow.

Crafting the Bait

Your website content is only one link in the chain of successful marketing; your content provider actually has a lot more to offer. Danny Turnbull, in an article for Forbes, recently reiterated the importance of information as currency, citing content as a key “moneymaker” in that aspect. that Using the same language and tone throughout your site, newsletters, emails and even ad text will help your company build a compelling brand that customers will flock to. When considering content writers for hire, don’t be shy about discussing your aspirations before committing to a writer—that individual will be your right hand man (or woman) in the fight for the hearts, minds and wallets of shoppers in your niche. Information like previous projects in your industry, preferred formats and other important strengths can be requested during your initial chats with a potential content writer.

Snagging the “Big One”

Success usually isn’t measured in one or two lucrative sales unless your industry tends toward expensive or rare specialty products. The self-perpetuating success of word of mouth advertising, recommendations and especially repeat customers are far better metrics to keep in mind. Your prize catch may end up being a small group of customers that return to your store month after month, buying small amounts of products consistently. This steady profit adds up, and though a school of small fish may not seem as impressive as a huge individual catch, the profit those little fish offer often ends up quietly outweighing their larger, showier counterpart.

No matter where you’re fishing for your customers, be sure you’re using the right lure. Look into content writers for hire and discover the positive difference that words can make for your business!

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