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Career Content Marketing Insights by Dena P

Content Marketing to Today’s Job Seeker Requires a Socially-Minded, Mobile, and Tech-Driven Approach (with a Side of TLC)

If you run a career website, job board, aggregator, or blog related to employment or careers, you’re likely already well aware of the competitive landscape in this space. As with any topic online, one of the most effective ways to stand out is to set yourself apart by providing stellar content. Whether you’re looking to hire career writers or complete projects in-house, key career writing tips can assist you with better SEO, visibility, and buzz for your website. What’s new with career writing? Read on for the latest in career content marketing news and insights.

While this dynamic space requires an eye and an ear toward the latest trends and innovations, balance is key. A strong measure of the human element will temper this information in a way that readers will come to embrace like a trusted colleague. As in most areas of life, a little TLC can go a long way. This definitely applies in the potentially stressful area of job-seeking and career advancement.

Who’s Hiring? How Can I Get Hired?

Of course, many career content readers are only (or at least primarily) interested in the above questions, and career content writers must answer them. Providing information about what’s trending or about to trend is essential in getting career content read.

The job and career space has seen tremendous evolution in recent years. Technology and innovation has been exploding, and this is naturally reflected in just about every job sector. Most career fields have been influenced by technology, as has the way people search for jobs. This must be reflected in the tone and substance of career content to engage and provide value to readers. Include cutting-edge stats, the latest developments, and fresh insights about each field. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is an excellent resource for data on every U.S. job sector.

So, who are the innovators in the career content marketing space, and what’s trending? Job search juggernauts and put resume help, career assistance, and educational resources front and center in their content. Given the popularity of these sites, this speaks to what most job seekers are looking for. This type of advice applies to almost everyone looking to advance their career, and the content you create should cater to these needs.

Authenticity From the Trenches

The LinkedIn website is one of the most popular social media and career networking sites on the Internet. It also consistently offers some of the most compelling career content on the web. Its official blog features articles on the most up-to-date industry news. They do a monthly Workforce Report that’s chock full of scintillating stats about specific sectors, as well as job market trends in general.

However, the LinkedIn blog also shares lots of personal interest stories related to job seekers. The success stories are highly motivating for those looking for insights about their own career paths. While stats, facts, and figures can speak volumes, human interest stories touch the heart, motivate, inspire, and keep readers coming back for more.

Chicken Soup for the Job Seeker’s Soul 

The most successful career content creation is rounded out with a bit of TLC. While cutting-edge information about each sector assists job seekers in connecting with trending areas that are a match for their skills and interests, a little reassurance goes a long way in career content.

In addition to providing human interest stories, be sure to balance out your hard-hitting fact-based pieces with a bit of compassion. Articles that offer advice related to job satisfaction, work-life balance, and stress management can fit the bill perfectly.

The social element required in the job-seeking space cannot be overstated. People are more connected online than ever before, and these connections are driving the search for new or expanded career opportunities. Creating shareable content is crucial for succeeding with your audience in these respects.

Fresh and Mobile: Catering to the “Gig Economy”

A prime example of how work has changed is the rise of the “gig economy.” Employment opportunities through companies like Uber that assist people in temporary job placement or “gigs” are proliferating right now. In light of this trend, your content should work both on mobile devices and for the job seekers using them.

When crafting career content, don’t make the mistake of rehashing tips and advice already widely available. Steer clear of general “common sense” topics and strive to delve deeper. Job seekers are already well aware of how to dress for an interview and that they should show up on time; how might you be the source of advice or insights they couldn’t get anywhere else?

Compelling titles are also key to career content that gets seen and read. We live in a culture of short attention spans, and with more people than ever doing their job searches on mobile devices, attention-grabbing headlines are key. You could have the most compelling, inspiring, and helpful content, but if the headline and first few sentences don’t grab a reader’s attention, it won’t be seen.

The Latest In Career Content Marketing News

Successful career content marketing relies on an ideal balance of left-brained stats and human interest stories that bring it down to earth. A healthy sprinkle of compassion and TLC is also essential to a winning mix. While job seekers do want facts and stats, never forget that they’re also looking for support and understanding.

Career writing insights and career writing tips can spark new marketing ideas for your company. When you hire career writers, ensure that they are aware of what’s new with career writing so that they can help keep your business ahead of the curve.

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Dena P has written all her life, including many articles for websites and also six self-help books about the revolutionary acupressure healing technique called Emotional Freedom Techniques (or E.F.T.) Her areas of expertise include business, finance, fine art, photography, personal growth, traditional and alternative health, new age, spirituality, fashion, hobbies, music, sports, books, travel and fine dining.

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