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Capture Instagram Audiences with Captions

cameraWhen you are designing your overall content strategy, it’s vital you understand what you are trying to communicate. If you don’t know, you can be certain your social media followers wont either. Whether you are attempting to generate funds for a non-profit or increase brand awareness for a law firm, Instagram should be a vital platform to reinforce your message.

With more than 300 million Instagrammers capturing and sharing their lives each month, Instagram has grown into a formidable social media outlet. Although Instagram is seldom mentioned as a component of a content marketing campaign, you can use the following tips and best practices to capture your audiences through Instagram. Say cheese and keep on reading.

Instagram Captions

Instagram holistically embraces the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words. Images have the ability to convey emotions and tell a story words alone simply cannot do. However, when you use content writers to create relevant captions, you put your Instagram images and brand message on steroids.

Use content writers to create lucrative captions to explain the images or create a context. On the other hand, you could use captions to create the link between your brand and the image. Instagram captions are an excellent way to bolster engagement and connect with audiences. You can use captions to ask questions, create contests, and many other awesome engagement tools. If you are simply posting pictures without captions, you are missing ample opportunities to engage your audience.

Typo-Free Captions

In any case, not all captions are created equally. Nothing destroys credibility more than typographical errors, misspellings, and grammar mistakes in your captions. Although you can always spell check and proofread your captions, writing may not be your main line of business. As a result, it’s a great solution to use professional content writers to create your captions so you maintain the professional appeal of your brand. To demonstrate the importance of error-free captions, Instagram has recently added the ability to go back and edit captions.


Instagram hashtags (#) are excellent ways for you to encourage interaction with your brand. Although Twitter was the first social network to include hashtags, most of the major social networks have implemented this sign into their strategy. As you use content writers to create your Instagram captions, make sure you implement your keywords as a component of the hashtag, which makes your content searchable. Hashtags place your brand front and center to those who want to learn more about the (#)topic, but would’ve never had direct access to your brand or content. If you don’t know which hashtags to use, most social networks have a list of their trending hashtags. Use these lists to find the most appropriate words to hashtag and reach new audiences.

In the end, people love pictures. Whether it’s a funny picture or one of a sleeping puppy, images have the power to illicit incomparable emotions. Instagram represents the opportunity to reach new audiences and grow your brand. Make sure you maximize each opportunity with error-free captions and hashtags.

Elliott C believes the key to success in content writing is always being in the know and doing the next best thing. With the world of SEO and content marketing swiftly changing, he spends an arduous amount of time researching new trends.

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