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Byron Tip #2: Communicating with Writers

Not sure about you, but I love tips and advice.

Matter of fact, I founded back in 2000, and it still lives on.

Customers always seem to be challenged when it comes to finding the perfect writer for a particular project.

As it turns out, selecting the perfect writer for a project is both an art and a science. That art comes in by articulating what your specifications and requirements are. Providing samples helps. Great writers can reverse-engineer the elements of tone and style.

The scientific part comes in when you offer great feedback to your writer. But that means work on your part: You need to force yourself to request revisions and offer suggestions on what the writer should work on and improve in their second round.

Once you go through a few projects practicing both the art and science of communicating with writers, you’ll be golden.

Hope this helps.

Look for more tips and advice coming soon!

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