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Byron Tip #1: Less is More

When it comes to marketing, we all want more.

More performance. More conversions. More results. More, more, more.

But less is often more when it comes to content marketing.

POP QUIZ: What is the ideal number of sentences for a paragraph of web content?

A. 1-2 sentences
B. 3-5 sentences
C. 6-8 sentences

If you chose B, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Short paragraphs of 3 to 5 sentences are ideal for web content. Readers look for information quickly. If I wrote a paragraph much longer than this one, you probably wouldn’t keep reading it. But you are.

While longer paragraphs come off as unappealing, shorter paragraphs allow readers to scan quickly and determine if they want to keep reading. Keep in mind that even though shorter paragraphs can entice readers to stay on your website, they will probably move on if your content lacks interesting or accurate information.

Keep it short. Keep your customers. Simple.

Bullet points help to keep things simple because they:

  • Highlight key points in your articles
  • Give readers a good overview of what the article is about
  • Make content more readable by putting it into a list-like format

Hope this helps.

Look for more tips and advice coming soon!



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