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Byron Tip #3: Buyer Personas

What’s the difference between an ADD Andy and a Sophisticated Sally?

To a content marketer, it’s a life or death distinction, with consequence to the bottom line.

Developing buyer personas is something we’ve practiced for years, pinpointing the characteristics, habits, and motivational patterns that make your customers engage, and buy.
But creating buyer personas is typically something “marketing people” do–not front liners or C-Level executives.

It’s time to change all that, and make the development of the buyer personas a team sport, once and for all.

Start by downloading this template that will get everyone on the same page. It maps out what your buyers think and feel, and why they recently chose your company versus the competition. Only then can you truly “walk in the shoes” of your customer.

All this is explained in a new, free Content Strategy Certification course I just launched over at Content Marketing Conference.

Oh, and if you don’t have time to bother creating a Buyer Persona for your company, no worries. Just hire a Content Strategist at WriterAccess to lead you and your team through the development of Buyer Personas, Customer Journey Maps, and Keyword Maps. They’ll help you create these pre-defined products that become your GPS for content strategy.

Hope this helps.

Look for more tips and advice coming soon!

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