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Byron Tip #6: Creating Content that Snaps, Crackles & Pops

Content Creation Overview

Are you ready to start creating content that appeals to both readers and search engines?

At this stage of your content strategy, you leverage content plans, SEO insights, and editorial calendars to develop timely, relevant, and useful content that will connect with your target audience.

The world doesn’t need more mediocre content.  Your customers certainly don’t need more mediocre content.

But creating a steady stream of great content is challenging.  First, we need to define it; then, we need to explain how to create it.

What is Great Content?

Great content fulfills most of the marketing goals you’ll ever have.  It targets specific readers and hooks them with information they want and need.  It engages them with well-written copy and stories told by writers with the skills and expertise to transform “good” into “great.”  Passion about the topic certainly plays a big role in creating great content.

But the structure of great content itself seems to be the key.  This is something I call “snap, crackle, and pop”–the key elements of great content.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop

The first of the three key elements of great content is snap.  Content snaps when a headline or title stops the reader and inspires him or her to dive in and read on.

Great content also has elements of what I call crackle.  Content crackles when it touches the heart, makes a reader smile, and/or releases a rush of dopamine to the brain.  To succeed with your content, you need to enhance the “rush” readers experience as they take in great stories.  Content with crackle turns good into great by promoting familiarity, loyalty, and other elements that bind readers to your story and your brand.

Finally, great content pops when it motivates the reader, viewer, or listener to take action that is measurable.  Content with pop invites and delivers engagement.  It moves readers to reply, download, comment, like, share, or buy.

Great content has snap, crackle, and pop throughout the customer journey.

For a more in-depth look at these elements of great content, click here to download a copy of my book: Content Strategy Game Plan.

Hope this helps.

Look for more tips and advice coming soon!

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