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Byron Tip #4: Content Strategy 101

The demand for content has never been greater.

Companies in all industries have realized that compelling content is the way to connect with the readers they want to reach the most.  These companies, along with agencies and marketers of all kinds, are joining the content marketing revolution in droves.

But creating the right content at the right time and the right place is a huge challenge.

The big question is, where’s all this great content going to come from?  How are we going to fuel the content marketing revolution?

The answer is content strategy.  Content strategy is the process of planning, developing, and managing content to meet strategic goals.

Content strategists are the ringleaders, orchestrating all the moving parts so that they form a coherent whole.  Content strategists focus on people and process.  Understanding people–their state of mind, aspirations, inspirations, and human qualities–helps us predict activity and enhance conversion and sales.  Defining process–how to reach the right people at the right time, with information they want and need–allows us to achieve goals in a systematic way.

If you’re a content creator, or responsible for creating content and content strategy that delivers results for a company, my book, Content Strategy Game Plan, is for you.  You’ll not only learn the six steps of content marketing, but also the tools and techniques to master each one.

By the end, you’ll have the skills to be a crackerjack content strategist for any organization in any industry and know how to drive that organization’s content marketing performance.

Hope this helps.

Look for more tips and advice coming soon!

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