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Business Writing Tips for Beginners

If you want to launch a career in the area of business and join hundreds of other freelance business writers, you will need a firm foundation and a strong knowledge base. The category of business has many interesting subject areas, such as the stock market, property, management, marketing and technology.

You can become a generalist and write on many topics within the category or be a specialist, similar to the way lawyers choose a special area of law. Writing business articles or blog posts in a particular area of this broad category can become a lucrative niche area for you, thus a great way for you to become an expert among freelance business writers.

Tips for Beginners

One important thing you will want to do is become very organized. You will be doing a lot of research, but you do not need to do the same research over and over. Keep organized files of your notes, so you can easily pull up important information as needed. This saves time; time is money.

Organize your writing in one of two ways: by companies you work for or by topics of the articles. This will help you save time if you need to do revisions. Make a folder for “completed” work and another for “in progress” work. As items are completed, move them into the next folder.

Business topics are serious business. Freelance business writers may reach thousands of readers; it is essential that your work is factual and current. Always use bona fide research websites, not something contributory like Wikipedia. You will do much better to go to .org, .gov or .biz websites that have some authority for your research.

Advice for Beginners

Select an area of business that you also are interested in. This makes research more fun and valuable to you as you learn. Strive to be careful and accurate; report from the best sources and current news. Remember to include television and print media sources in your research. Many will also have websites.

Pay careful attention to the words you use. There is a huge difference between some words, like ‘will,’ ‘can’ or ‘may.’ You want your business writing to be pertinent to the topic, but not boring!


There is a wealth of business information online at commercial resources like Forbes, CNBC, FOX Business News, the Wall Street Journal and at government websites like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Small Business Administration.

Industry News

New freelance business writers can bone up on the latest business industry news by signing up for email alerts from leading business websites. Read weekly newsletters and find information online at Market Watch, Business Week, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Money Magazine, Kiplinger’s or Fortune Magazine.

Business is an important and ever-changing landscape with plenty of opportunity for the new freelance writer. It is an area of work that you can enjoy, as well as benefit by making money.

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