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Building a Win-Win Collaboration

Winning CollaborationsThere is always a constant battle with the freshness of content. What works today may not work well tomorrow, and still the Internet continues to change. The ongoing struggle to keep content fresh is not new—in fact, it’s been a problem since marketing was first invented. If you are wondering how to solve that problem, then consider the tools that are right there in front of you.

The freelance writers that you use to create your content are a wealth of information. Challenging your freelance writers is a great way to get them to invest in the content that they create for you. How to challenge a writer? Offer them a bonus for great ideas. If you have worked with a writer for a while, they should know your products and procedures. Challenge them to come up with an idea that will refresh your content. When you empower a writer, everyone wins. You can earn a higher return on your freelance writing rates when you use writers to their full capabilities. Writers are usually very creative, and because they are familiar with your content they probably already have ideas about how to make existing content fresh again.

Working together with your freelance writing team can bring a positive change to your online presence. Encourage them to offer ideas or even ask them for their opinion. Writers love to write, but writing is not just about plopping words down on paper. It is about creating text that serves a purpose. Make that purpose into your own marketing goals. When you develop a good relationship with a writer, the possibilities are endless. Even though you purchase the content you use, a writer often feels a kinship to the content that they produce. It is amazing to talk with writers, and the lengths they will go to find out where their articles have been published. That kinship can be golden to clients. When you tap into the fact that writers care about their work, you can empower them to make it the best it can be. In so doing, you create an opportunity that not only helps you manage your content, but also helps you find new ideas for new content.

Freelance writers are often exposed to a lot of the cutting edge philosophies of online marketing. Therefore, they have access to information and techniques of which you may not have even heard. When you collaborate with a writer you gain their experience, and that means gaining access to the latest and greatest theories, techniques, and philosophies of online content. Collaboration between a client and a writer is really the best of both worlds. You provide the writer with a creative outlet, and in exchange you receive fresh content. That is how you increase the ROI on freelance writing rates, and still obtain the best content possible.

David S is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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