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Budget-Minded Content: The Little Things That Mean So Much


How the money flows is an important map to read. From your client to you, and from you to your writer money flows. There are things that you can do for your freelance article writers that mean a lot to them, but may not cost you more.


Freelance writers try to eke out a living helping many people with content creation. You can ease their burden by providing outstanding endorsements of their work and their professionalism. This is something that they can use to attract other clients. It is also a tool that you, the client, can use to remain high up on the writer’s list of priorities.

Along the same lines as endorsements are bylines. Sometimes a difficult maneuver to swing, but a byline is a powerful tool for writers. It means they can use that piece of content as a reference. It is difficult for freelance article writers to show perspective clients their work because, most of the time, that work belongs to someone else.


Referrals are also awesome presents to most writers. If you work with other marketers and you have the opportunity to brag about your ace writer, do it. If you are not keeping your writer busy, then sending them work from other people in your firm is an outstanding way to show your appreciation.


Who does not like a little something extra now and then? Gratuity is an awesome way to say thank you for a job well done. It is not something that needs to occur each and every time you order content. It should not be an expectation on the part of the writer either. Another awesome way to say thank you is to pay a writer for the actual word count. If you ordered a piece that was 500 words long, and the writer produced an outstanding piece that was 550 or 600 words in length and you can tell that those extra words made a difference, pay them for that work. It is not an expectation, but a great way to say thank you. Many times writers can read your instructions and see beyond your goal. As they write, they have to make a choice of writing the best content possible or sticking to your word count. Personally, I err on the side of great content. I’d rather have to edit a piece down then give the client something that is sub-par.

There are many ways of expressing your thanks to your writer. Sometimes it is just that easy: “Thank you for the awesome piece of content.” Freelance writing is a partnership, especially if you have a client you are trying to please. This translates into the writer having two clients. A talented writer is writing directly for your client. When you find that writer, do what you can to keep them happy, as they will be an asset for you and your marketing company.

David S is a freelance content writer. He primarily works for a handful of clients who he has partnered with for the past several years. He’d like to take this opportunity to thank them for keeping him busy.

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