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Bringing In the Big Guns: When to Hire “Expert” Writers

Fist of ExpertiseContent writers are a bit of a mixed bag. They’re often smart, flexible, and tend to know little bits about a lot of things, but sometimes, agencies need to hire someone with “expert” status in a particular field. Spending time searching for qualified expert writers can save you the hassle of revisions down the road, and, more importantly, ensure that your content will be trusted, accurate, and well-sourced for your very top clients.

Professional Content, Professional Writers

If your agency is looking to produce content for professionals, including lawyers, doctors, and financial analysts, you may want to consider hiring a writer with experience in the field, or at least a solid history of producing reputable content for industry leaders. Typically, professionals who solicit content for their websites or promotional materials expect top-notch, complex writing beyond a simple blog post. When screening writers, look for industry experience, publishing credits, and a diversity in the types of content they’ve produced. Ideally, you want someone familiar with creating many different types of content within the industry, from professional biographies, to correspondence, and even white papers.

Establishing Credibility

Hiring an expert writer is key when you’re working with a client who needs to establish trust and credibility. Due to the explosion of content available online, especially via social media networks, Americans are reportedly more skeptical about the quality of information they find online. To combat this perception and build trust, you’ll need to hire expert writers who know how to clearly cite their sources by linking back to source documents or including a properly formatted works cited page at the end of each document.

Science and Health Writing

Hiring experts is especially important when creating content that consumers may use to help them make choices about their health and wellness. When pulling together a team to create health content, it’s important to recognize when you’ll need an expert, and when a “jack of all trades” writer will suffice. If you’re planning a few quick blog posts on the importance of regular exercise or drinking water, a competent content writer will probably work out nicely. If, however, you’re looking for content that draws connections between scientific studies and specific foods, supplements, or medications, you should seek out writers who are experienced in identifying and translating medical information into layperson’s terms and know how to carefully word their content so as to not advise any potentially dangerous diets or supplement regimens.

Legal and Financial Writing

Like health writing, there is a range of content that clients need in both the legal and financial industries. Take caution when hiring writers for projects that communicate complex legal terms to the general public. It’s important that the final copy is clear, understandable, and also accurate so as to prevent both your client and your agency from getting into any difficult situations down the road.

Caitlin C is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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