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Breathing New Life into Your Blog Writing

Reinvigorate Your WritingIt’s easy for someone who doesn’t write for a living to assume it’s a piece of cake. Truthfully, it’s not. Content development is a skill. Many blog writers can tell you horror stories about recurring topics that keep them up late at night, while others attempt a rain dance to make new ideas and words fall from the sky (well, just a little).

How Do Blog Writers Cope?

Every writer has their own technique and style of getting to the promised land, and attempting to consistently write on the same topics can be challenging. Here are a couple of techniques to break up the monotony, get away from the pressure of it all, and give your writing style a breath of fresh air:

Read a Book

Seriously. Reading is fundamental. It’s well-known that many great ideas come from taking a look at something completely unrelated to your topic. Books are filled with metaphors that help formulate ideas. Nine times out of ten, once you’re halfway through, you’re guaranteed to walk away with a new perspective.

Watch a Movie

Every movie has an “aha!” moment any writer can relate to. It doesn’t matter what type of movie you’re watching, there is value in every scene and plot. This can help you develop structure and pattern. You may walk away with more ideas than you bargained for.


Have you ever just put your feelings down on paper just because? Most blog writers will agree that the writing process, even if you don’t have a goal, can help you get out of your funk and open your mind to new ideas. Some of the best stories have come out of a writer who didn’t have a goal, but used the pen-to-paper method to formulate something brilliant.

Take a Walk

Taking a walk to connect with nature can free your mind. Being indoors can create a stifling environment, wreaking havoc on your creativity. Step outside to enjoy the fresh air. A quick walk can help relieve mental stress.

Dance or Listen to Music

Dancing or even snapping your fingers to a beat can get your creative juices flowing. A few other perks : you’ll burn some calories and your fingers will get a rest unless you’re snap happy.

Sing a Song

Singing, whether you’re good at it or not, can put a quick smile on your face. It can also bring ideas that were lingering to the surface. A great song breeds even greater ideas, and you’ll be writing with a new vengeance in no time.

Rearrange Your Area

New designs breed new ideas. Maybe you need a change of scenery. Moving your desk to a window, or even changing the color of your blinds can give you an entirely different perspective and recharge your writing.

These are just a few suggestions to help blog writers reinvent new ways to assist in content creation. The rest, as they say, is up to you!

Allaire W is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.

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