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Breaking into Web Development Writing

Web development is a large industry that encompasses topics used in the web designing industry. Common topics writers address in the web development industry include web design tutorials, reviews of software packages, coding articles, and web development news.

The companies that hire web development writers often use them for servicing their client needs. Instead of just offering their clients a web design, they also provide content services with freelance or in-house writers. Unless the web development company specializes in a specific industry, in many cases the freelance writers are called upon to craft articles in many different niches. While some web development companies advertise their need for writers, you can also find work by creating a portfolio and approaching companies directly. If their web design prices are listed on their website, you have a starting point as to what their writing rates might be.

Another writing opportunity in the web development field is for prominent web design magazines and websites. The topics that are covered in these publications range from the latest coding techniques to search engine optimization. Many different skills are used in web development, so writers with a good grasp of technology topics will find themselves quite at home here.

One of the best ways to keep up with the latest in web development news and trends is to read through forums associated with the industry. Two prominent forums that cater to this field are the Dev Shed forum and the Sitepoint forums. Forums have an advantage over general news sites for web development because you can see exactly how the web development technology is being applied, personal experiences with the technology, and what the most popular coding languages and content management systems are available.

When you want to find web development writer jobs, you have a broad range of locations to search. Web design job boards, general writing listings, and individual companies are all valid options to approach. If you can wrap your head around this exciting field, you’re going to find many people interested in your skills.

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