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Brainsurfing with Heather LeFevre

Learn about the “mad, crazy world of marketing” in a personal way as WriterAccess CEO Byron White explores strategy in a podcast featuring Heather Lefevre, the author of Brainsurfing. Lefevre’s unusual story is about the lessons learned from couchsurfing at the homes of some of the top marketing minds around the world.

heather-lefarvre-01As an advertising and marketing professional with a decade and a half of experience on two continents, Lefevre says that she kept asking herself why she didn’t “feel like an expert yet.” This question led to a quirky journey around the globe to “learn a lot of tools from a lot of different people.” What she came away with was wisdom which, she notes, “is very hard to come by.”

In her case, she also came away with “a council of mentors,” as well as a book based on what she gleaned from exploring ideas, working and living with some of the top marketing minds in the world.

Lefevre proposed that she live with these experts in their homes for a period of two weeks. Her bold scheme struck a chord with nine “coaches” around the world, including London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Edinburgh and Seattle. She credits them with “investing in her” and she wrote the book in an effort to become an “open source human.”

“Marketing is really complicated now, and we need a lot of tools in our arsenal,” she tells White, clarifying that by tools she refers to methodology that can change human behavior, rather than getting bogged down in data collection.

The essence of Lefevre’s message is that we must change the way we do business. “The bar keeps shifting,” she says, adding that it’s apparent today that you must spend money on Facebook in order to reach people, even if you amassed a huge audience for free.

“Advertising as we know it is becoming much smaller,” she notes, explaining that ads must be either extremely entertaining or very useful. Connecting with the audience is all important in today’s marketing efforts.

The podcast explores a diverse range of topics:

  • Advertising, and how it has changed
  • Conversion rates
  • Social media
  • Experiential marketing
  • Rationale for spending money on marketing

Both Lefevre and White agree that the rules have changed. As she puts it: “What worked last year will not work again this year, at least not in the same way.” Another point of agreement is that there are “many more influences on ways we make buying decisions.”

Tune into this podcast for a lively discussion between two people who are directly involved with brand marketing and communication. You’ll get straight talk from Lefevre who has been up close and personal with some of the brightest thought leaders in the world. Don’t miss this chance to “brainsurf” with the pros. To tune in, visit

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